Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The joy of apartment hunting.


I'm sorry you're sick! But think of it this way: in about 3 weeks, it will be warm and rainy and spring, and before you know it, it will be time for comfest. Hooray!

I have decided to be proactive, and start the apartment hunt way early instead of moping about my current apartment all the time. So far, I've looked at 3 places. The 1st leasing company I found is downtown, and their apartments are all in renovated old mansions. I apparently arrived at the office 2 hours early, without having had any coffee yet that day. Not my best moment...I couldn't form complete sentances too good. But fortunately for me, the poor guy at the office seemed to be having a very similar morning. We walked down the block to see the first apartment, in the rain, and he had to run back and get his keys as soon as we got there. Then, we went inside the building, and the apartment was pretty brink, lots of floor-to-ceiling windows...except for the water pouring in from the kitchen ceiling. Oops!

But the second apartment I looked at there was pretty awesome. It was 900-something square feet, and two floors, with a little spiral staircase. Also, the kitchen was big, and there were 2 different balconies. And no rain inside! It is slightly higher than what I'm paying now but all the space is totally worth it! It is actually right across the street from the art museum, which is a plus, but from reviews I've read online, there are a lot of loud college kids living there, and cars get broken into all the time. However, I hesitate to dismiss a really cool apartment just because people tell me the neighborhood's bad.

On Tuesday, I looked at another apartment complex, waaay out in Holland, which is basically Toledo suburban sprawl. The apartments were totally unremarkable, and less modern and nice than what I have now, and I would have to drive 20 minutes during rush hour to get to work. Also, the woman was really weird. To get to the apartment from the office, she had me follow her in her car. When we got there, I parked a few spaces down from her. I get out of my car, and she started kind of flipping out about me not parking in the space immediately in front of the building. She was all, "I saved it for you! Why did you park so far away?" I'm like, relax lady. It was 20 feet. Then, we drove over to another apartment, and I made sure I parked in front of the building to avoid her yelling at me again. And she got out of her car and noticed that her space was approximately 3 feet away from the sidewalk, and mine was about 4 feet away, and started apologizing for it. It was the weirdest.

Today, I visited another unremarkable far-away apartment. So far, the expensive one with character is the winner. Also, my first month would be free and they don't have a monthly pet fee.

In knitting news, I ordered Peaches n' Creme online! I was very brave. Last time I ordered it, I opened the box and started playing with my yarn, and a giant spider the size of my fist crawled out. I flipped out and tried the following to get rid of it:

1. Jump up and down and scream a lot

2. Try and sic the cats on it. (they just kind of watched it)

3. Get the broom and start hitting the box, while jumping up and down and screaming a lot

Eventually, I used the broom to push the box, with spider inside, out onto the porch. The box is still out there. But this time, I had the box shipped to work, and I tricked one of the nurses into opening it for me. Luckily:

Spider-Free in 2003!

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Libby said...

Hooray for peaches and creme! also, I love that I am not the only person who always rhymes "free" and "me" with "in 2003," as in "Cookies and me, in 2003" or "drama-free in 2003." I say that all the time.