Tuesday, February 20, 2007

President's Day Sale!


I asked for room for cream this morning because I walk with my coffee, and I don't want it to slosh out and burn my hand and stain my coat. I didn't notice until it was too late that the stupid douchebag in the coffee shop thought "room for cream" meant "half a cup of coffee." So I guess I am going to have to either drink the office coffee of death, or go back out into the world for another cup. Total crap.

I really feel you on the February thing, and I'm sorry that you are getting more snow. It is finally warming up here, it is supposed to be 50 today. That means, of course, that 4 inches of solid ice are all melting into a gelatinous horror. But I am never one to complain about warm weather, so I can deal with that.

I don't think your loose knitting is much of a problem. The mason-dixon warshrag that I made is also wider than it is long. But I think that is because I got lazy and stopped knitting too soon, actually. So that doesn't apply.

Anyway, I am a tight knitter and I don't have to do a bunch of frogging and stuff...I just do gauge swatches pretty religiously and it is fiiine. It won't set back your knitting! You will just be one of those high-horse-riding gauge swatchers, able to look down your nose at the silly girl who made the unintentional crop top.

I went shopping on President's Day. Patriotic! Truly, it was awesome. I exchanged some stuff I got for Christmas that was the wrong size. Yay! Free clothes! Then we went to Target for mouthwash and batteries, and I popped into the clothing section to see what was on sale and ended up falling in love with Isaac Mizrahi and giving him 80 of my dollars. ALSO, you will be so happy to hear this, I got a new hair dryer! Ionic technology!! Not only do negative ions put you in a good mood, they make your hair softer and shinier and more managable. And it's all true, my hair is so managable today! And it dried in half the time. And my new hair dryer is pink. So really, even though my dishwasher broke and stopped draining yesterday, and when Rebecca came over I was baking cookies and got so involved in chatting with her that I only added half the flour I was supposed to add, and the cookies became bizarre carmelized nonsense which, while embarassing, tasted pretty good, even though those things happened, I had a pretty good President's Day.


Karida said...

you bitch! you totally didn't call me. i would have eaten bizarre carmelized cookies!

itgirl said...

of course, I called Karida and asked if she wanted to do something, with no response.

Karida said...

well obviously you all know i never check my messages. you're just supposed to keep calling until you get me. because i'm so important to you.

itgirl said...

apparently, i've failed again.

i want to keep writing back and forth to each other on libby's blog. can we have a fight? i want to have a fight.