Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bruce's news round up


It’s another one of those days where I have opinions on a bunch of stuff in the news! Today there are two items of good news for animals and the environment! Nice! Good news! As usual, lots of all caps.

1) Wait, farm animals are animals too? Like a cat? Or a dog?

2) For months, the interior department has been putting off making a decision on whether or not polar bears are a threatened species. Like when I put off budgeting because I know I spent too much. I think their reasoning goes like this: “But…but…but…if the polar bear is a threatened species (and we can’t reasonably say it’s not) then we have to take action to protect them which means we have to actually do something about global warming! OH NO THAT WILL MAKE EXXON MOBILE SO MAD AND THEY SIGN THE CHECKS.”

Anyway, now this is happenin’. Thanks, judicial branch, for doin’ what you’re s’posed to do.

3) I don’t get what the big deal is about Miley Cyrus. I don’t know. I feel like I see way, way, way creepier shit than that all the time, like sexy-lingerie-wearing-dead-tied-up women on Law and Order and other crime shows, and honestly even the “Baby One More Time” video. It’s funny: when a woman is all dolled up and being sexualized, it is A-OK (Victoria’s Secret, Britney Spears at barely 18), but when they look kind of natural and regular and they’re being sexualized, it is TOTALLY CREEPY AND WRONG AND SOCIETY IS GOING TO HELL and OH MY GOD I AM SO OFFENDED (American Apparel ads, Miley Cyrus).

4) Reverend Wright: I’m not saying you’re wrong. I agree with some, maybe most, of what you said. But if you don’t shut your big mouth you are going to ruin our chances of having the most progressive president in decades, maybe ever. Oh my God, will you please shut up? Yesterday’s speech was about your big stupid ego, and nothing else, and you’re forcing Obama to keep talking about you, to defend himself because of you, when he needs to be focusing on getting elected and starting to clean up this abysmal, disastrous mess that we’re in. Do not ruin this for the world.

Ok, Karida says she has something awesome to show me, so I have to go look at it.

Later buddy!


P.S. The awesome thing Karida had to show me was a delicious crab cake kind of thing only it was made of tofu and veggies, and I think it was genius and I'm going to try and make one at home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Yes it's a good day....


I am a compulsive online deal-seeker. I also find that if I come across something awesome and super-sweet that is also a good deal, I have much less self-control than in an actual store. I find myself saying things like, "I can't afford NOT to buy this!"
Last week, after careful thought and consideration I decided to make a few purchases that I'm very excited about. And yesterday, I received two packages in the mail! Combined, they made yesterday a super day of package awesomeness!
First, I bought a record player!!!!!! I'm SO excited. It's a portable little tabletop dealie, and it can run on either a plug or batteries. It was $75 on Amazon, and it can apparently also hook up to your computer so you can transfer your records to mp3 format. I bought it because I didn't have a record player, but I am always finding awesome records for like $1 at the record store. Featured below is "You Ain't Woman Enough" by Loretta Lynn. I also went with this model because I found the idea of bringing along a record player on a picnic or yacht trip Wildly Romantic. Like in Sabrina. (It is downright shocking that I'm still single)
The second awesome package that arrived was my yarn for Labyrinth!!! I'm sooo excited for a project I can share on the blog....a non-classified project!
I'm doing that blue as the main color and white for the trim.

Here's a nice one for you from the "my cats are so freaking spoiled" file:

Have a lovely day, buddy. Hey, want to get some lunch on Friday?

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!


It is officially spring here in Ohio, the Heart-of-it-all. I went to Columbus last week on Business, and while driving through campus, I managed to catch a glimpse of one of the surest signs of nice weather: a nice, friendly game of Cornhole.(I know you can't see very well in the picture, but I swear that's what they're doing. If you look closely, you can see a sack in the air.) For those of you who are not from Ohio, cornhole is basically an outdoor game where you throw bags stuffed with feed corn at a big wooden box with a hole in it (see below). At Ohio State, where Bruce and I went to college, you can always find at least one game of cornhole going somewhere, from spring until...well, the end of the football season. It is the number one most favorite pastime of OSU frat boys, with yelling inappropriate things at the annual Take Back the Night march coming in a close second.

Hmmm, I guess sitting on the patio of the 4 Kegs bar (need I say more?) on the corner of 15th and High is their 3rd favorite pastime. Now....while I always thought this was a really simple game, the scoring is apparently very complex. Here is the wikipedia page all about it if you care to know. How on earth they manage to keep score while guzzling down all that Natural Light in plastic party cups is beyond me!

Okay, okay. I didn't post this blog JUST to make fun of frat guys. I also wanted to follow up on Bruce's Ch-ch-ch-changes post. (that was supposed to be David Bowie) MY big news is, I've decided to go back to school! Yeah, I'm crazy I know. I've decided that it is time for me to leave my job and my solitary life up in Toledo, and move back to Columbus. I hope to be attending Ohio State sometime soon...eventually getting a degree in nursing. Things! Happening! I'm very excited to a) finally know what I'm doing with my life, and b) live in the same city as Bruce!
And while it's true that while most of the knitting I've been doing has been for Brucie, I do have some big plans to start on the Labyrinth sweater from Stitch Diva - the short sleeved version. I plan on knitting it using Bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Co. I'm VERY excited to be starting a new big project. Both in knitting and in actual life, I guess.

K Brax

Thursday, April 17, 2008

stuff I like.


I am a obviously a lot like Martha and a lot like Oprah. No, I guess I'm not on the list of the 5 richest women in the world (yet! I'll be the world's first alpaca billionaire, you'll see.). I am like Martha, though, in the sense that I am crafty and I like to drink. I am like Oprah in the sense that I like to read books and I share her desire to bring great books into the average American home.

An aside: I have had more than one person tell me that they hate Oprah's book club because they assume that it is full of stupid books. This could be called judging a book by its cover. Oprah's book club is essentially a collection of some of the best books of all time. Yeah, people only read them cause Oprah told them to. So? At least they do what Oprah says and not Rush Limbaugh or something. I have a little bit of a snob factor about it--I hate seeing the big "O" seal on Hurston or Steinbeck. But whatever, she's getting people who would be reading Danielle Steele or not reading AT ALL to read fucking Hurston and Steinbeck. So I'm just saying people should like Oprah's book club.

Anyway, so I'm like Martha and Oprah in those ways and probably some other ways, like I am pretty sure we all three like pie. And now, we have another thing in common, because today I am making a list of things I love.

Here they are.

1) Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.

Oh dear Lord in Heaven, thank you for Baby Alpaca Chunky. I will never tire of knitting with it.

2) My pajamas. If you were to call me right now and ask to borrow my favorite outfit, I'd have to send you these jam pants. They are made of organic cotton. I pretty much put them on as soon as I walk in the door every night. On Sundays, I take them off long enough to walk to the market. Then as soon as I get home I put them back on. I wear them with a cotton baseball-style shirt. It's really soft. MAN I love my jams. I hate knitting with cotton, but holey moley, do I love cotton pajamas.

3) Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine.

It's awesome! It is this weird stuff that makes your hair all shiny and sort of tousled-looking. You have to be careful, though, because it's easy to use too much and go from "tousled" to "heavy." I love what it does to my hair, though.

4) Yarnmarket. They are fast, they are efficient, everything is in stock and ready to ship, the customer service is great, and they're in Ohio. Obviously, LYS is preferable, especially if you've never seen a yarn in person. But when you need a specific thing fast, especially something weird like a 40 inch 10.5 Addi, and it HAS to be Addi because you're a big needle snob, Yarnmarket is where it's at.

5) The Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits Bra. Seriously, I was all THANK GOODNESS IT FITS! I just got three of these this week, because when I found out they made half sizes I flipped out and ordered a bunch of them. THEY ARE AWESOME. The best part is, they fit the way they're supposed to fit--that is, the number of inches they are supposed to be corresponds with the number of inches they actually are. I think that's pretty great.

6) The Cat Box.

The top entry cat box has intrigued me for some time, especially since we got Lucky Lucy, who likes to play in the litter box, and kick litter and poop out of the litter box, and all kinds of other gross cat stuff. Anyway, top entry litter boxes run about 30 bucks. But this sucker? $8.50 for the Rubbermaid tub, and 15 minutes with a box cutter to cut the hole. It's great! There is NO CAT LITTER on the floor, people. Also it contains the smell a bit too. AND it is easy to empty cause it has handles.

7) Baby Bears.

8) Dorothy Parker

Those are my favorite things today!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

In which Bruce announces Big News, tells you what people of taste do with strawberries, and organizes her circs.


Man, guys, I’m sorry we’ve been absent for so long. I'm going to try and make up for the long absence with a looooong, informative post.

So where have we been? For one thing, Brax’s computer is broken, plus she’s got all kinds of irons in the fire. Me, I have been just plain busy. Here’s a thing I’ve noticed about life: changes come in clumps. Things are happening, man. To both me and Brax, and to the ball and chain, and to lots of other folks I know. Brax and I are both trying to figure out moving (to the same city! Maybe even in the same neighborhood! Me and Brax! Tearin’ it up!) and career changes and, you know, bright new futures and stuff.

What is a real shame is that I’m knitting lots and lots of stuff that I can’t show you. Why can’t I show you? Because this knitting is going to be published in a book! I don’t think I ever made a formal announcement about this book thing on here. I’m writing a knitting book with my buddy Karida over at the Neighborhood Fiber Company. This book will come out in 2009.

This also prevents Brax from showing off some of her knits because she is being awesome and knitting some of the book projects for me. Don't ever write a knitting book unless you've got lots of rad friends who will help you knit. I am lucky enough to have Brax and Cabbage who will knit for my book and make my life better.

So now that we've uncovered a big part of the mystery of the sparse posting, what else is going on?

I've been reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes. I have to say I have solved some of these mysteries before Holmes has. Did you know that that TV show House is based on Sherlock Holmes if he were a modern day doctor? It is. I just learned that from Google.

Sister has been really digging on Jackson Browne lately.

It got to be spring up in here, with the cherry blossoms!

And the birdies in the trees!

And the strawberries! Why do people spend a bunch of time doing stuff to strawberries, cuttin' them up in pieces, putting sugar on them etc, when you can just spend a fun-filled 15 minutes dipping them in chocolate? DELICIOUS! Easy! Fun! Preserves the strawberryness of the strawberry.

Here is what I did:


1) Some nice pretty delicious strawberries.

2) One bag of the fanciest semi sweet chocolate chips your grocery store has. Know why? Because this recipe only uses two ingredients, and the fanciest chocolate chips my grocery store has are only about 5 or 6 bucks, so why the hell not? It's dessert! Go crazy!

Melt the chocolate chips in the double boiler (you want to keep the water at a simmer). Dip in the strawberries and then lay them on a baking sheet with some parchment paper on it.
Stick 'em in the fridge for a little bit. Maybe an hour? They're great. Next time I'm going to dip a mint leaf in with each strawberry for added awesomeness.

Ok, and last but not least, I have organized my Addi Turbos into the most organized state they have ever been in. I've devised a system! I was all shop-shop-shop for a circular needle case and I have to be honest: many of them were real ugly. So no. Many of them were waaay cute and made by awesome, creative craftspeople. Those were the best ones, but you guys, I just didn't want to spend 40 bucks on it. My friend Ellie uses a lure case from the Bass Pro shop, and that seems to work really well for her, but I was intimidated by the fishing website, and also it was still a little more than I wanted to spend. So I went to Staples and bought a lime green binder and some plastic page protectors in pretty colors with tabs. BAM! Needles organized, under 10 bucks.

Enjoy your weekend, buddies!