Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Has Sprung!


It is officially spring here in Ohio, the Heart-of-it-all. I went to Columbus last week on Business, and while driving through campus, I managed to catch a glimpse of one of the surest signs of nice weather: a nice, friendly game of Cornhole.(I know you can't see very well in the picture, but I swear that's what they're doing. If you look closely, you can see a sack in the air.) For those of you who are not from Ohio, cornhole is basically an outdoor game where you throw bags stuffed with feed corn at a big wooden box with a hole in it (see below). At Ohio State, where Bruce and I went to college, you can always find at least one game of cornhole going somewhere, from spring until...well, the end of the football season. It is the number one most favorite pastime of OSU frat boys, with yelling inappropriate things at the annual Take Back the Night march coming in a close second.

Hmmm, I guess sitting on the patio of the 4 Kegs bar (need I say more?) on the corner of 15th and High is their 3rd favorite pastime. Now....while I always thought this was a really simple game, the scoring is apparently very complex. Here is the wikipedia page all about it if you care to know. How on earth they manage to keep score while guzzling down all that Natural Light in plastic party cups is beyond me!

Okay, okay. I didn't post this blog JUST to make fun of frat guys. I also wanted to follow up on Bruce's Ch-ch-ch-changes post. (that was supposed to be David Bowie) MY big news is, I've decided to go back to school! Yeah, I'm crazy I know. I've decided that it is time for me to leave my job and my solitary life up in Toledo, and move back to Columbus. I hope to be attending Ohio State sometime soon...eventually getting a degree in nursing. Things! Happening! I'm very excited to a) finally know what I'm doing with my life, and b) live in the same city as Bruce!
And while it's true that while most of the knitting I've been doing has been for Brucie, I do have some big plans to start on the Labyrinth sweater from Stitch Diva - the short sleeved version. I plan on knitting it using Bamboo yarn from Southwest Trading Co. I'm VERY excited to be starting a new big project. Both in knitting and in actual life, I guess.

K Brax


Libby said...

Once, when I told someone I was from Ohio, they said "Oh my God, I was in Ohio a while ago, and everyone was playing this weird beanbag toss game, and they called it CORNHOLE! I mean that is just disgusting." And I was like, well, I'm glad that's what you took from your trip to the midwest.

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