Thursday, April 17, 2008

stuff I like.


I am a obviously a lot like Martha and a lot like Oprah. No, I guess I'm not on the list of the 5 richest women in the world (yet! I'll be the world's first alpaca billionaire, you'll see.). I am like Martha, though, in the sense that I am crafty and I like to drink. I am like Oprah in the sense that I like to read books and I share her desire to bring great books into the average American home.

An aside: I have had more than one person tell me that they hate Oprah's book club because they assume that it is full of stupid books. This could be called judging a book by its cover. Oprah's book club is essentially a collection of some of the best books of all time. Yeah, people only read them cause Oprah told them to. So? At least they do what Oprah says and not Rush Limbaugh or something. I have a little bit of a snob factor about it--I hate seeing the big "O" seal on Hurston or Steinbeck. But whatever, she's getting people who would be reading Danielle Steele or not reading AT ALL to read fucking Hurston and Steinbeck. So I'm just saying people should like Oprah's book club.

Anyway, so I'm like Martha and Oprah in those ways and probably some other ways, like I am pretty sure we all three like pie. And now, we have another thing in common, because today I am making a list of things I love.

Here they are.

1) Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky.

Oh dear Lord in Heaven, thank you for Baby Alpaca Chunky. I will never tire of knitting with it.

2) My pajamas. If you were to call me right now and ask to borrow my favorite outfit, I'd have to send you these jam pants. They are made of organic cotton. I pretty much put them on as soon as I walk in the door every night. On Sundays, I take them off long enough to walk to the market. Then as soon as I get home I put them back on. I wear them with a cotton baseball-style shirt. It's really soft. MAN I love my jams. I hate knitting with cotton, but holey moley, do I love cotton pajamas.

3) Bumble and Bumble Brilliantine.

It's awesome! It is this weird stuff that makes your hair all shiny and sort of tousled-looking. You have to be careful, though, because it's easy to use too much and go from "tousled" to "heavy." I love what it does to my hair, though.

4) Yarnmarket. They are fast, they are efficient, everything is in stock and ready to ship, the customer service is great, and they're in Ohio. Obviously, LYS is preferable, especially if you've never seen a yarn in person. But when you need a specific thing fast, especially something weird like a 40 inch 10.5 Addi, and it HAS to be Addi because you're a big needle snob, Yarnmarket is where it's at.

5) The Playtex Thank Goodness it Fits Bra. Seriously, I was all THANK GOODNESS IT FITS! I just got three of these this week, because when I found out they made half sizes I flipped out and ordered a bunch of them. THEY ARE AWESOME. The best part is, they fit the way they're supposed to fit--that is, the number of inches they are supposed to be corresponds with the number of inches they actually are. I think that's pretty great.

6) The Cat Box.

The top entry cat box has intrigued me for some time, especially since we got Lucky Lucy, who likes to play in the litter box, and kick litter and poop out of the litter box, and all kinds of other gross cat stuff. Anyway, top entry litter boxes run about 30 bucks. But this sucker? $8.50 for the Rubbermaid tub, and 15 minutes with a box cutter to cut the hole. It's great! There is NO CAT LITTER on the floor, people. Also it contains the smell a bit too. AND it is easy to empty cause it has handles.

7) Baby Bears.

8) Dorothy Parker

Those are my favorite things today!



Cabbage said...

The Spanish word for bear is oso. I think that is fantastic!

Karen said...

I love it!! This post is all, raindrops on roses and shit. I was totally going to post today, but I'll just wait until tomorrow.
I think I might try the cat box idea.