Thursday, February 1, 2007

cold cold cold

Hey! Way to blog!
Things I am wearing right now, in descending order:
Basic Cable in margrite bulky, teal
Undershirt, long sleeved shirt, t-shirt with Elvis on it (I work at a small, grassroots non profit. I can pass Elvis t-shirts off as business attire)
Cardigan (This belongs to you, you left it at my house. It is black with little bows on the pockets. I'll wash it and mail it to you, I promise.)
Natalya Gauntlets in Mission Falls 1824 Wool, russet
Pink long underwear from the Family Dollar
Gray pants

These are my inside clothes for today. I put on a full suit of armor to go outside. It is COLD!

I got to work pretty early this morning (early for me). I got here and TCBed all over town. So now I am thinking I can leave early because I have pretty much done my bit for the day, and then some.

After I Did All I Could Do at work, I called my mom to make plans regarding the Potter Party for the release of book 7. (announced today!). She is down for this party.

And I read the news. The Senate is going to vote on Warner's milder version of the resolution against a troop increase. I am comfortable with this--since the resolution is nonbinding, it is pretty much immaterial what the exact language is. The key things are that it says congress opposes the president, and that it passes. And it is more likely to pass with the more mild language. So, you know, go congress, make things happen, etc.

Karida and Ellie came over last night to Drink and Knit. Also we ate almost everything in the fridge. And while they were there, I bound off the hood on my Central Park it's just matter of edging and seaming. Oh, holy heaven, the seaming.

Man, this office is quiet today. I think I will leave a little early. The couch and its best buddy, the knitting basket, are calling my name.


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