Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oh, man.

Today is hard! Well, it could be a lot harder. But I had to go to the post office (where they informed me that my package from my grandma had vanished, or possibly never existed) AND the bank. Really, I should stop complaining about the bank, because my bank is AWESOME. It is totally the best bank. It is clean and professional feeling. It is an old-fashioned bank; the ceilings are really high and every thing is wooden. Everyone is really nice there, and they treat me like I'm important even though I only have about 10 dollars. The atmosphere of modern chain banks is really terrible. It feels like a combination of a fast food restaurant and a movie theater. All the furniture is really shitty and ugly, and the carpet is blue or gray with geometric designs. Usually they have a TV on showing CNN, which you can watch while you wait for someone to come out and be rude to you and rip you off. On the other hand, my bank has an aquarium where they are growing a real live coral reef, and the furniture is so nice that you know people will still be sitting in those handsome wooden chairs getting treated nicely by their bank 50 years from now. So now that I have found this bank, the only shitty thing about going to the bank is that it is sort of out of my way.

My dishwasher is being fixed today. Which is great! I know I told you about the last time the plumber came and he talked to me about cats for 30 minutes and then spilled the black sludge from the pipe all over my floor and instead of asking me for a paper towel, he wiped it up with a nice, thick, fluffy, brand new, pale blue washcloth that he got out of my clean linens. Douchebag! Anyway, this time I put an old towel down on the floor and sat a roll of paper towels conspicuously next to the dishwasher.

Last night we saw Pan's Labyrinth. Scary! I liked it a lot. It was really violent, though. As a rule, I don't like violent movies, but I thought most of the violence in this movie served a purpose. I had to cover my eyes a lot. Still, it was a gorgeous story.

No knitting updates today! I have made very little progress on my projects. I'm eager to get rolling on some new stuff, though, so I'll have to finish these soon. That's right, I have to finish Central Park before I start a new project. Because I am disciplined. I already have the yarn for my next project--a summer top which Jess helped me adjust for summer yarn (why in heaven's name do people write patterns for sleeveless tops in BULKY WOOL? Ridiculously impractical.) Anyway, expect a jubilant post about my gorgeous new sweater soon....verrrrry soon.

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