Monday, February 12, 2007

Some lovely,

Clapotis! Finito! Really fat kitten optional.

Don't worry, that's not a weird bump in my knitting. I just thought it was an okay idea to drape the clapotis across my coat.

So, I went to Columbus this weekend. It was really fun! I had actually not yet heard about Katie's getting into culinary school, so I got to tease her about finding out on the internet instead of finding out from her. I also drank like a 19 year old on Saturday night. I mixed wine, beer, gin, and whatever's in a long island. I also saw some guy I used to sleep with (it's apparently not a trip to Columbus unless I run into several guys I used to sleep with) at O'Reilley's. And then, we went to Jessica's and sang and danced like insane people until 6 in the morning. But I didn't throw up! Growth.

I am really hoping you're hearing this news for the first time, because I am apparently in the bad habit of drunk dialing you, and forgetting about it immediately. Also, I committed a major faux pas, and kind of told everyone about our blog. Don't worry, I am sure they either don't remember, or didn't understand the url I slurred at them.

Here are some more clapotis picures:

To the left, we have the clapotis
worn like a scarf. To the right,
we have Karen doing something
weird. (not shown: glass of wine and That Seventies Show.)

Speaking of T.V., I know you hate Valentine's Day commercials as much as I do. Apparently, hideous diamond jewelry from the mall is the only appropriate gift for women for every major holiday. Pretty much the only thing I don't hate commercial-wise is those commercials narrated by David Duchoveny about...shelter dogs!! Have you seen them? They're for Pedigree. They sort of make me cry. They work like that Wal-Mart commercial with retarded children worked for Nick.

(what the fuck is wrong with me?)


Libby said...

That new taco bell commercial with the lions? Hysterical.

Karida said...

dude! your clap looks like my clap! mine's all purple too! abusive exclamation points!