Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sister Attacks Tubey!

Hey Brax,
Here she is: the Tubey sweater all pretty and stripy. That is a sleeve you see being eaten by Sister.

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And here you see a nice close up of the lovely way she fits my arm... (Tubey should always be worn with flannel pajamas with a polar bear motif.)
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If you check my left arm, you will see that the other sleeve is still on the needles. The sleeves are like a little shrug, you see, and then you make another tube for the body and sew it to the bottom edge of the shrug, making a lovely traingular sort of neckline.

Veggie burger and fries, I hear you callin my name from afar, I gotta go to where you are, veggie burger and fries. (That is a song I just made up. What do you think?)

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Karen said...

We should totally record it with your mom.