Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Smell Bruce,

My horoscope today was chillingly accurate! It said to proceed slowly and with caution in whatever I do, especially with legal documents and behind the wheel. It specifically cautioned against Road Rage, which is something you know I am sort of prone to. (Not that it's my fault...there are a lot of idiot drivers out there!) But I dealt with a legal document I had to type up for work today! And also, the driving is made more difficult because of the icy fog we are currently experiencing.

What is icy fog, you ask? Well, it is certainly not something I made up. It is a legitimate weather concern, and that exact wording was in fact used by my local weatherman, "Blizzard" Bill Somethingorother. Apparently, it just means that it's foggy and icey out. I don't think that one has to do with another. We've had a warm (i.e. 40 degrees) couple of days this week where it's been rainy, and now all the rain and melted snow on the ground has turned into solid ice. Do you remember that time I was on my cell phone, drunk, and wearing heels and walking into Katie's house, and I slipped and found myself ass-up on her sidewalk? The roads are kind of like that.

In other news, Oscar hurt one of his little claws. I'm thinking he clawed a piece of my furniture so hard that one of his little claws ripped halfway off. Now, I'm scared to put the nail caps on him because I don't want it to become infected. Also, I'm just generally scared of putting the nail caps on him because he becomes extremely violent if held for more than 10 seconds. Jesus, I have the worst cat ever.

Don't feel bad about the cookies...I often have trouble reheating pizza. I have always wanted to be a good cook, but it's just not in the cards. At least you're a good enough cook that you can justify having one of those Kitchenaid stand mixers (drooooool).
Later Gator,

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