Thursday, February 1, 2007

big ideas

I am jealous of your ensemble. I spent the last 3 months knitting constantly, only to give it all away at Christmas to people who would probably rather wear acrylic machine knits from Target.
Also, Basic Cable? Ha! I just got that.
I agreed to go to the gym this afternoon with my friend Abby, a decision I am starting to think was unwise. First of all, I ate a huge amount of pad thai at lunch today. Secondly, I am starting to get very self-conscious about the idea of working out with someone else. I tend to sweat a lot and get very red in the face, and I also have the WORST working out fashion ever. I sort of look like a sweaty homeless woman huffing and puffing away on the eliptical. Abby is very thin, even though she will tell you she needs to lose 20 pounds. She actually used to be a dancer. If it was up to me, I'd probably stay home in my dirty house and work out to my Cher tape in my p.j.'s.

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