Friday, February 23, 2007

Adulthood's Terrible Trifecta

I really get you on the post office and the bank. Throw in the grocery store, and you have my three least favorite things about adulthood. It is adulthood's terrible trifecta. On that note, there is a new installment in my never-ending feud with the post office. My grandma called me yesterday to ask if I got the Valentine's Day box she sent me.

No, I didn't get it. Which makes at least the 8th time that I know of when the post office has theoretically attempted to deliver a package to me, left no notification that any package existed, then left the box to moulder at the post office until the shipper of the package calls to ask me if I got it, or I call the shipper to yell at them for not sending it. In fact, it makes the second time this week.

Sometimes, I get home from work and there is no mail, and I when I leave to go out at 9 PM there is someone, in jeans and a Washington Redskins T shirt, delivering my mail. I am not even sure it is the mail carrier, if could be anyone. I never had anything get lost in the mail in my life until I moved here. Remember how they lost my W2 last year? God, I hate them like I hate George Bush.

Anyway, I am sick, probably from not wearing a jacket on Tuesday, when it started to feel like spring. (My grandma calls early spring "Pneumonia season" because everyone gets so excited that it's not -20 anymore that they run outside in their bikinis and start throwing water balloons. Then they get pneumonia.) So I am going to stay in tonight and knit under a blanket while watching Gilmore Girls. Man, I love living the fabulous, twenty-something, big-city lifestyle.

Tubey is coming along very well. For a minute I thought it was going to be too wacky, because I was using stash yarn from last year and the colors were super bright. (Yes, I stashed enough Creative Focus Worsted to make a 5 color striped sweater. So sue me.) But they're not too bright, they're lovely and fun. It's a fabulous design. And talk about easy! The construction is quite unusual and the stripes keep it interesting. Because of that, you don't get bored even though you are doing stockinette in the round for a long time, and then ribbing in the round for a longer time. I am addicted, addicted to Tubey.

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Karen said...

Dude. How could I forget...forget about the grocery store! It's reached a point where if I don't have my mp3 player to play soothing music while I venture to the Kroger or the Target, I just don't go.