Sunday, March 4, 2007

Top Model, knitting and beer: Awesome.

Note: I wrote this post on Sunday, but the internet went away before I could post it.

Hey Brax,
The 'ol ball and chain is out of town, so I had the whole day all to myself, and it was also my day off, so I was totally free! I slept late, and I woke up and read some Redwall, and then I made coffee and took a shower, and watched a little of a PBS fundraiser, which was about having a healthy diet. Then I went on down to the market and got me a bottle of organic wine, which I didn't consume yet because I got in the mood for beer. (We had a BYOB party this friday, which went very well, and was very fun, and now our fridge is totally full of booze. It reminds me of the time we had a BUYB (Bring Us Your Beer) party at the Goody house. Remember that? Man, we were high on the hog for a few weeks after that party.) Anyway. So I played Harvest Moon for about 15 hours, and now I am watching TV.

Dude. ANTM? I missed the first two episodes at their regular time, but I caught the replay of both tonight. I love it! I was really nervous at the end of the second episode, because my two favorite girls were in the bottom two. I love Jael. She is fabulous. And I really, really liked Kathleen, I'm sad they cut her. She was a total moron, in this really amusing way. Also, she had fierce style. A solid FOOT of orange hair? Come on, Tyra! I hate how they have to keep the bitchy girls to keep the show interesting, and sometimes they send home girls who are better models. I love Top Model, but it makes me really miss you and all the girls. I miss our weekly Top Model parties.

While I was getting all caught up on ANTM, I cast on for the Cherry Twist. I like to knit easy things! But I am totally not into making sleeveless tops in super bulky wool. So I picked my yarn, and I swatched it, and then, sneakily, I called Jess up and asked her what the formula was to resize a pattern for a new gauge. She said she'd call me back, and when she did it was to say that she'd e mailed me the pattern edits! Because she is lovely and awesome. Also, she is magic, so it only took her about 15 minutes. The yarn I chose is Nashua Cilantro (Oh Nashua yarns, take my hand, take my whole life too, cause I can't help falling in love with you). It is mostly cotton, but it has a little bit o' poly in there for stretch. Some knitters will scoff at the little bit o' poly. They will discuss this post while they drink tea with their little fingers sticking out. But I am of the opinion that a pinch of poly can be great for cotton, which has a tendancy to pill and to showcase your mistakes, as well as creating an optimum environment for fucked up looking stockinette. I picked the lime green. It looks like a margerita! Hey yarn snobs, don't be assholes! Check my cotton-poly bleeeeeeeeeeend!


Karen said...

I totally agree with you on the cotton blend. I don't think 100% cotton is meant for anything other than washrags and baby clothes. And rugs and maybe towels.

Karida said...

curse you for enticing me to want to knit that sweater. it's funny. i always liked it, but never really thought about just resizing it. and I have a lot of calmer in black and purple...