Thursday, March 29, 2007

This blog post might be sort of an over-share.


So I went to the Doctor today, on my fourth day of illness, and the medical assistant did a throat culture. She was really nice, and talked me through it so that I didn't barf at the end, which is what I usually do. And, good news! It's not strep throat. The Dr. thinks it's viral, and he said he's seen it with several people in the last week. Apparently, it is characterized by a sore throat caused by post-nasal drip (ewwwwwwwww!), and it will either go away in a few days or it will somehow morph itself into a sinus infection. (Which is bacterial...I don't get it.) So he gave me samples (yay!) of some prescription strength decongestents whose distributer probably took him out for golf, and he also gave me a script for some antibiotics "just in case." He also tried to give me a prescription for Diflucan as a "just in case" for the "just in case" antibiotics, but I firmly drew the line there.

***I considered taking a cell phone picture of my throat (like Tyler did a thousand times after her tonsilectomy), for an illustration here, but I didn't. You should be grateful.***

So the moral of the story is, I'm not dying, and you probably won't either, although I feel really bad for getting you sick. We have what's known in the medical community as a "cold," but if you go to the doctor they will probably stick a q-tip down your throat and say some medical jargon. The good news is, I only paid $15 for my visit and came out with probably about $50 worth of prescription medications. Anyone wanna start a meth lab? (j/k, DEA agents reading my blog! rotflmao!)

I'm sorry you're so busy with work. I hate it when I'm too stressed out to knit. But knitting, while relaxing in many ways, is also a time and energy-consuming hobby, and if you can't concentrate on it, it's going to get really frustrating. Which is why I think it's totally normal and okay to stop knitting for a month or 2 at a time. I myself probably shouldn't have been knitting, for instance, the last 2 nights in a row where I basically knit, unravelled, and re-knit the last 4 rows of "section one" of Mr. Argosy over and over because I got confused, or lost count, or was taking the 'quil. (that's Nyquil, in case you were confused. I'm still kind of on the 'quil.)

I've actually decided to give the Argosy Wrap to my grandmother who, as you know, was just diagnosed with uterine cancer. She will be having surgery soon, so I want to have something finished that I can send to her afterwards.

Pictures soon!

Love, Brax

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