Friday, March 16, 2007

Oh Holy Heaven

Look, I'm in love and nothing, I say nothing can tear us apart.

I was working at the store today and some big brown boxes came. An old yarn-rustler like me has seen it all, so I was not curious. But when I opened them up, my heart fell out. It fell right out and landed in a fluffy gorgeous bed of 100% virgin wool, which feels not like wool, but like glorious, otherworldly fuzz. Twinkle Soft Chunky!! Where have you been all my life? A photo can't do it justice, you have to just track some down in person, look at it, and feel it, feeeeeeeeeel it.

We also got the Twinkle book, which after a cursory glance, I am totally into. If Wenlan Chia can make 2 stitches per inch look sexy and stylish, then she gets the Bruce Chocolate and Beer Award. (This is an award I just made up. I feel that I should have my own award.) I think I will make every cardigan in this book, each one in a different color of Twinkle Soft Chunky. This will only take me a few days at 2 stitches per inch, and then I will just swoosh all over town in my sexy sexy bulky knits, looking fabulous. Then I am pretty sure I will get discovered, and be offered a high-fashion plus-size modeling gig, and everyone will want to touch my soft, otherworldly sweaters, and soon all the models will be gaining 40 lbs and rocking hairy pits, because me and my sweaters will be serious trend setters.

Yeah. Anyway. Like I said, I'm in love.


Karida said...

Boo! I'm boycotting Twinkle's book because the sizing is all stupid and for heroin-shooting skinny model types. Even though it's full of pretties. Boycott!

Karen said...

Oooo. I have to agree with karida here... sorry buddy!!

Libby said...
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Libby said...

The designs in the book are lovely, I would wear at least half of them. And anyway, just cause you don't like the book doesn't mean the YARN isn't the most gorgeous thing that ever happened. You just made me love it more, like a teenager who's mom doesn't like her boyfriend

Jess said...

It dosn't matter if The Rock likes Big City Knits! I'm with you Libby. Thant book kicks almost as much ass as The Rock himself. there are plenty of books that I cant knit anything out of, you dont see me trash talking about them like The Rock has done to Stone Cold Steve Austin, do you? Dear lord, I love Twinkle and The Rock so hard. Don't be a jabroni!

Karen said...

Can Twinkle and the Rock be our new band name?