Thursday, March 29, 2007

It had better be allergies and overwork.

Hey Braxie,
I am not feeling well, so I hope to high heaven that I haven't picked up your doom virus. But I guess even if I did I won't be too mad, because it was really fun to hang out with you and make a Redwall Feast. And to drink million dollar margeritas with you and get to see your Argosy Wrap, which is lookin great.

I haven't been knitting at all. Barely a stitch all week. It has just been crazytown busy. I have to send a whole crop of letters to congress by the end of the week, when they go on recess. So I worked on my day off, and I worked from home last night. I got a ton of it done via a new process called "e-mail," which I hear is taking the world by storm. I still have some of it to do, but I feel on top of it. So I took a half day today, for the sake of my well being. But I didn't knit...I read books and did the dishes.

Next week is looking hectic too. The in-laws are coming to visit. (The phrase "in-law" always reminds me of the Disney version of Robin Hood, when Robin Hood marries Maid Marian and the king is like "Now I have an outlaw....for an INLAW!") Anyway. They're coming, which will be nice. But I also have contracted Itgirl and Ellie to help me whip my office into shape. And the office cleaning overlaps with a class I am supposed to teach. But I am thinking I need to postpone the class because my life is not agreeing with my class schedule. Mostly, I keep wanting to shop in order to create artificial serenity.

This weekend I will do some finishing and ripping back and get my knitting back on track. My next project is a Mission Falls blanket. I bought 12 balls of 1824 Wool in 12 different colors. (This whole idea took shape because I loved the colors and wanted to use them all.) I intend to do 2 squares of each color, all in different stitch patterns, and I intend to work on it for the next 100 years. I think it will be fun to always have a square in my basket, so I can whip it out whenever I am getting frustrated or bored with a bigger project. Also, it might help me with my seaming-phobia. There will be a lot of seaming involved, but I plan to do it little by little, and since it is just for the couch and it doesn't have to fit, there is no pressure. I am excited about it.
Anyway. I should probably do Pft.


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