Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sick Day

*The following was written yesterday in a fit of fever:

Smell Bruce,

As you know, I am ill. My throat is hurty, and I have a fever, and coughing hurts my head. Therefore, I decided to stay home and wallow in it and watch daytime TV. I watched that episode of the Golden Girls where Sophia talks Dorothy into doing Meals on Wheels, and she meets Leon from Roseanne, who hasn't left his apartment since the Sixties. Of course, Dorothy tries to get Leon to leave the apartment and live his life, but things keep happening, like when he went to the grocery store and he was the millionth customer, and all these balloons dropped and sirens went off. Whoops!! Hilarity ensued. People with anxiety are funny.

Then, I turned on animal planet...I know, bad idea! I found a show called "Animal Miracles," which has stories of animals helping people told in re-enactments. The episode I watched had the story of a lady who was having a "wall fire" (where a fireball apparently builds up behind your wall and your smoke detectors don't go off to warn you), and her 3 birds freaked out and woke her up. There was also the story of a cat in a hospice home who became really attatched to this patient in the final stages of lung cancer. The man was a cat lover, and had to leave all his cats to come to the hospice, and the cat would just hang out on the man's bed all day. And when he went into respitory distress, the cat ran and woke up his wife and daughter, and the cat stayed with him until he died. I LOST it, lost it like I was watching the end of "It's a Wonderful Life."

"To George Baily, the richest man in town!"

I've also been working diligently on Argosy Wrap, but I won't post pictures right now because Oscar keeps attacking my butt when i sit in this chair. Stop blogging right now and pet me! He's such a jerk.



Karida said...

braxie, it was so great to see you in dc. you have to come back soon! and you've made me want to knit the argosy wrap, but i think i would want it to be modular all throughout and without the plain part in the middle. stockinette stitch is a sure way to get me to not finish something.

Libby said...

I always cry during Animal Miracles. It is impossible not to. Alan Thicke just pulls at the heart strings.

Karen said...

As long as we got each other...