Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Whatchoo talking bout everyone

I am officially utterly useless! I haven't done any work all week. You know this, because you know we gmail chatted for over 5 hours yesterday.

So last night we had Knit, Purl, Hurl, and it was, as usual, super fun. I got way drunker than usual, though. Whoops! I think it was necessary after last week. I think I still had some steam to blow off. And I had fun! I just hope I didn't piss anyone off by saying something insensitive or retarded. I didn't drop a single stitch so I couldn't have been too bad off. I was working on tubey. The ol' girl is coming along.

Someday I'll finish a project. Someday.

So I came to work today. I sort of stumbled in at 10 with an extra large coffee and my giant sunglasses and the dirty, dirty beats of JT in my headphones. There is a certain horrible glamour in coming to work hungover. You feel terrible, but you also feel accomplished because you pulled it together! You woke up and put on your high heels and combed your hair--maybe you even used some product! You have achieved a sacred balance of work and booze. Nice work, Bruce.

I am sorry about all your worries. Your car won't fall apart--you do not live in a TV show produced by John Cleese. You live in Toledo! An industry town. If your car falls apart, you can just call Detroit and they will come down and fix it. The important thing is to think of the positives here--you are going to have a nice new apartment! And your dad is going to have a new job in a new town. Big exciting things are happening all over. It's spring! Stuff is happening. It will alllllllll come together, just wait and see.

OMG, I can't wait to come visit! Husband will be done with his finals and I will be done with my whatnots and we will be able to really kick back. I hope you get your scheduling conflict worked out!

Give my regards to Eddie and Oscar.


Karen said...

Yes! I totally agree with the hangover glamour. It makes you feel sort of popular and like a model who goes to her shoot at 5am all coked up.

Karida said...

well you know, you invited me to have threesome with you and matt, but we talked you out of it...