Thursday, May 31, 2007

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.


I think it might be the heat, or maybe the Blue Moon, but it's not my finest hour.

  • I woke up 8 minutes after I was planning on getting to work, because my alarm just stopped working
  • My hair is doing this thing, where it is limp and gross in some parts but puffy and horrible in other parts
  • While I was pulling into the parking lot at work, the Old Man who hangs out at my work stepped right in front of my car, blocking me from entering the parking space. He then pretended for a full minute that I was not there. Not being in the best of moods, I lost my temper, which I regret. He may be a horrible person who accuses me of giving women something called "human pesticide," but he is still probably some body's grandpa and does not really deserve me yelling "move you fucking dick" at him and leaning on the horn
  • I left work to run errands, and got about 5 miles away when I realized that I didn't bring my wallet OR the bank deposit, thus negating my entire trip
  • I had to scrub chalk drawings off our parking lot with a broom
  • I forgot to put sunscreen on today, so I have a farmer's-tan sunburn on my left arm from driving (so sexy).
  • I'm moving, uh, TOMORROW and all weekend, and I still haven't packed half of my shit.

So, yeah. Bad day. While I was in the car, i decided to cheer myself up by playing my Stevie Wonder CD, even though it always skips in the middle of "For Once In My Life" because even half of that song cheers me up. And do you know what? It didn't skip! It's a magical self-healing Stevie Wonder CD!!! Hallelujah, amen.

All in all, I guess things aren't that bad. This time next week, I hope to have all my shit together at the new place. And then, I'll be in Columbus next weekend to help Karida out with the Knitter's Connection...and after that, Comfest! I also hope to see everyone ever at Comfest. It is totally worth driving for, you out of towners! Good friends+giant beer+puppies+good food+good music= Comfest.

-K Brax


Libby said...

Aw, buddy. that is the worst. Just keep imagining yourself drunk in the grass with a puppy and your buddies. ....Picture it....visualize it...

micah said...

Max, funny you mention hair. I don't know if you noticed in the reality shots, but it's been quite some time since I last had a trim. I've spent my whole day getting excited about my trip to the salon. I cna't wait. If I could afford it, I'd go get my nails done too but I'm not waitsing money on that (I'm going to get paint and fish junk under them)
I can't wait to get home and have a Manhattan on the floor with my puppy! I love that dog.

Matthew said...

Props for having a really fuckin' bad day. I mean that is one for the books.