Thursday, May 3, 2007

The wrath of god

On Tuesday we had some crazy weather! All day, it was rainy and cloudy, and the soap operas on TV all had big banners over them that said Severe Thunderstorm Warning. Personally, I was excited. Thunderstorms!! But then, somewhere around 4pm when we started to get busy at work, there was a big bulletin that interrupted Judge Joe Brown and said there was a Tornado Warning in Wood County. Wood county! That is about 10 miles south of us, and 2 out of 4 employees live there. Of course, they rushed off to get home. After we were done for the day, I drove home, and on the way, the skies just opened up. I did the most logical thing and pulled out my cell phone to start taking pictures of how rainy and dark it was (above). However, my cell phone camera did not capture the HAIL that started coming down.
Once I got home, I turned on the TV and there was a tornado warning for my county too! (For all you tornado-free jerkasses, that means a tornado has been spotted in your county.) And I kind of freaked out for a second. Because even though the sky had started to clear, I realized that I was perched precariously in a 2nd floor apartment with a giant sliding glass door. Not so condusive to tornado survival! Me and the cats and the noisy, violent neighbors upstairs could have spun off to Oz.
In other news, I've started the decreases on my Clapotis. Stupid 100% cotton, it's so freakin' heavy!! Also, I'm starting to become concerned that I didn't buy enough yarn, and I'm going to have to buy another giant hank so I can knit the final 10 rows or something. I always freak out about that, though...I'll probably be fine. I'm trying to think of a new project for when I'm done with the clap. I want to knit my dad something for father's day, but there aren't a lot of summery knits for men out there. I did have an idea for something, but it would involve colorwork and maybe be too weird and hard. I will keep you posted.
the Brax
p.s. -I have had "Friends in Low Places" stuck in my head since I woke up. I don't know why!!

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micah said...

Max, wow. good thing you weren't driving or anything like that. Yes, I' will be sure and wear really dirty clothes if I come and visit. We'll do some laundry.