Friday, May 11, 2007

Sheep and Wool and Fair Isle in the Round

Hey Brax!
Matt and I went to the Maryland sheep and wool festivle for a couple of hours this Sunday. Fun! We saw a llama:

And some alpacas:

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. And that kid in the background rules.

Of course we saw some sheeps:

Those guys love each other. I know, let's EAT THEM. Seriously, this boy scout tried to sell me a lamb burger. They were only 4 dollars.

One other thing we saw was the sheep dog demonstration. I felt bad for the sheep because it is a rough line of work. Those were good dogs though.

So it was fun, and I didn't buy ANY yarn but I did buy a bracelet made out of a fork.

if you are a military budget analyst and you work in my building, do not continue reading this blog.....

...Here is the present I am knitting for my buddy who is about to move away to start a wonderful new life!

He is really into pirates, and he is moving to a cold climate. I took the fair isle chart from the Hello Yarn "We Call Them Pirates" hat, but I used Aurora 8 on a US 7 needle. It is written for a US 2 or something insane like that. US 2? Naw, dude. But Astrid helped me with the math, and I'm just doing three repeats instead of 4. So now I am to the decreases, and I'll be able to give it to him soon. I am so proud of it! Fair Isle in the round, she is fun. Much, much more fun than fair isle flat. Much.

Ok, it is about a zillion hours past my bed time. Goodnight, dude! Hope you got your apartment cleaned. You need a Dyson! We both really, really need a Dyson.



Karen said...

Awwwww!!! I wish I could have gone. Sorry a boy scout tried to make you eat a lamb burger.
"Liiiiisaaaaa....I thought you loooooove meeeeee."

itgirl said...

you've reinspired me to make arrrrrgyles.