Friday, May 11, 2007

I am obnoxious.


There is a girl I work with who has some sort of glandular problem that causes her blood sugar to drop and spike rapidly throughout the day. She's got it under control for the most part, but a few times a week, her blood sugar drops really suddenly at work. When that happens, she gets really giggly and starts laughing a lot at stupid stuff. Suffice it to say, we work in a fairly somber environment where giggling is not always appreciated.

Unfortunately, I am naturally a very giggly person, so whenever she gets like that, it totally sets me off too. Today, I was at the front desk and I was complaining that my legs were splotchy and orange from self tanner, and she turned to me and said, "well, that's what you get for using that pumpkin juice!"

...a minute went by, crickets chirped, and then we both started laughing hysterically. Pumpkin juice! I'm laughing about it still.

This behavior reminded me of the time when you and Barb took me to see Paula Abdul in the sixth grade. I was obnoxiously giggly for the whole concert, and on the ride home when we got lost I was in hysterics. Barb commented that the drunk lady next to me must've spilled her beer in my coke. Nope! That is just who I am.

I'm sorry for you sometimes.



Libby said...

That Paula Abdul concert was awesome.

Karen said...

With special guest Color Me Badd.