Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oh no oh no oh no!!!!!


Why did I let it get to this point? My apartment is a disaster. It looks like the tornado actually touched down IN my apartment. And instead of cleaning and preparing for my parent's arrival tomorrow, I have instead been experimenting with new knitting projects, having some wine, and watching the Gilmore Girls. I always do this!!

Last time they visited, I had barely gotten my laundry into the washer and was in the middle of vacuuming when they knocked on the door. They arrived at 5pm after a 12 hour drive in which they blew a tire. That is how early they get up, and how prepared my Dad always is for things like flat tires (he always insists on a full sized spare). I spent the evening folding copius amounts of laundry while watching Mash with my parents. This time, my little brother is coming too. That means that my parents will take my bed, and my brother and I will fight over the couch, and the loser gets my sleeping bag. It will be "Survivor" Toledo!

Also, I think my vacuum cleaner has stopped working. It has ceased to pick up the pieces of cardboard that are stuck in the carpet from Fred's scratchy board, and also the great tufts of Fred's fur that embedded themselves in my carpet from the many cat fights (obviously, this is fate telling me to go buy a Dyson).

In moving news, I had a guy from the moving company come by my apartment for an estimate. He was a good sport about Oscar immediately prancing up and weaving a figure-8 around his ankles for the entire visit, but he seemed appalled at the amount of crap I have, and suggested that the move might take up to 5 hours, costing me upwards of $400. Hi, I am not made of money. He also suggested that I could shave about $100 off of that cost if I moved most of the smaller boxes by myself in my car. Hmmmm.... made of money or not, I think I might be willing to pay that extra $100 to avoid moving thousands of boxes of books and knitting patterns and kitchen utensils by myself to my new third floor apartment. Damn! This is why people make friends, Karen. It seems my impenetrable shield of lonliness has failed me for the first time.

I guess I'd better go clean or something.

Later Gator,

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micah said...

Max, don't worry, have you thought about hiring undocumented workers to move your crap?

check the drive belt on your vacuum. It's probably snapped or come undone