Saturday, May 5, 2007

Buy your veggies open air style

this is a little belated, but I had a busy week!

Last sunday, I slept in, and when I woke up it was a gorgeous day. The Husband was on the rooftop terrace (i.e. the painted garage roof bordered by rusted chain link fence) and he had made the coffee. I joined him. Lovely! After a leisurely cup of coffee and a long discussion about why Christians are always telling people not to have sex (lots of theories, none definitive, maybe we'll figure it out next week) we decided to go down to Eastern Market for our fruit and veggible needs, plus I was in the mood to peruse the stalls.

It was so warm! I got to wear a skirt and my new shoes and a little summer top. All the girls were all cute in their summer clothes. I got me a sandwich and we sat in the grass to eat and watch all the people and pet all the dogs, and then we shopped. And I am telling you, did I ever buy me a skirt! Plus a new tablecloth from the husband of the vintage linens lady (the vintage linens lady couldn't make it that day), and some potatoes and fresh bread and apples and onions. This is how we have been buying our fruits and veggies almost every week since we moved here. Here is a picture Josh took of me shopping at eastern market back in March:

And here is Eastern Market 12 hours after I had my sandwich on the grass:

And here is Eastern Market now:

(I was going to take my own pictures but I figured, wrongly, that I would be able to borrow some from the newspaper. Here are some more pictures.)

Sad sad sad sad sad sad. Capitol Hill is SAD.

The Eastern Market neighborhood is a neighborhood that has been often scorned. For a long time it was a very very iffy neighborhood. And now it is a really cute neighborhood that is not quite gentrified yet. It will be in a few years, don't get me wrong. But right now it's a lot of different types of regular low and middle and even high income people who are all sort of fierce about this neighborhood. Southeast Capitol Hill! Holla! And the Market is the hub. It is what makes this spot awesome. The morning after the fire, we all stood there staring. Nobody knew what to do. I saw Ellie on the street, and we just hugged each other, cause that was what it felt like. On the up side, a vast, energetic

community effort has come together almost over night. Right on! The open air market will be able to keep operating. The inside stuff....well, they will rebuild ASAP.

So in other news, I just bought a coffee which has been sitting baking on the warmer for at least 6 months (URRRRRRRRRRRRRGH IT IS DISGUSTING), and I am knitting a new project, which is a secret until next week when I give it to my good buddy who is moving far away. I promise to photograph it before I give it away though.

Buy your veggies open air style!


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Karen said...

Brucie, I'm so sorry about Eastern Market! It's one of my favorite places in D.C. I keep thinking about all the vendors who lost so much of their lives and income in the fire. But it really restores my faith in humanity to see people coming together to rebuild so quickly.