Sunday, May 20, 2007

The winos visit the country, with pictures

L. Bruce,

Here are the pictures I promised from our mini-break. The first night, the Night That Will Live in Infamy, produced about 25 pictures, almsot none of which are acceptable for public viewing. (Think eyes half closed, failed self portraits of our necks, dancing, no flash, etc.)

Nevertheless, here we are next to all of our "empties," after we had to switch to your dad's beer. Did we ever replace that? Oh well, it was probably from Thanksgiving anyway. Say what you want about us, we can hold our wine like nobody's business.

The next day, we went to a picnic at Libby's grandparent's house. We put a bottle of wine in a beer cozy. Thank you, Watson Gravel!

This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip.

On Tuesday we went to Honey, a restaurant in Cincinnati with delicious food and wine. I wonder why we like it so much? Here is Libby's great aunt Jean and her cousin Tammy.

And here is me listening to Libby's grandmother, Ruth. You do a lot of listening when Ruth is around.

Next, I got tired of taking pictures, so I handed the camera off to Barb. Barb took about 20 pictures of the group. They all came out like this:

I love that place so much. Everyone teased me for getting red wine when it was 85 degrees outside, but my wine was delicious! Best wine I ever smelled like flowers.

I came home on Thursday night after an exhausting day of meetings in Columbus, and I worked a lot on my shrug. So far, I have finished the sleeves and back, and I started seaming the sleeves. I just need to do the orange ribbing around the body and I'll be set! It will probably take me awhile though, because it involves picking up stitches. I've set aside projects with way less picked-up stitches, I tell you what.

This is the back.

It was lovely to see you! I wish I could have joined you in Columbus, but I needed some serious down time. This weekend, I'm mostly listening to Tegan and Sarah and watching Breakfast at Tiffany's...but I will be fine.
Safe trip back!

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Libby said...

thanks for posting these pictures!