Tuesday, May 8, 2007



I have something to confess. I'm watching American Idol right now. My favorite part is where the judges make comments. Paula Abdul is pretty awesome, because I'm pretty sure she's always drunk. Also, she never says a bad thing about somebody, but you can tell if she didn't like a performance because she starts out by saying, "You...you are SO beautiful." I know you hate it because you think the "funny" auditions are mean, but seriously...once you've watched it a few times, it's SO addictive.

I always prefer my Top Model though. Here is the clapotis for my mom. Finito!

Also, here's me wearing it. Oops! Where is half of my face? Part of the fun of our blog is my poor picture-taking skills. At least I didn't use my cell phone this time.

I can't wait to see you Sunday! We will have to eat some food, drink some wine, and sing some songs.
-Mad Brax Beyond Thunderdome


Anonymous said...

Braxie, that thing is so beautiful. If I were a fine, fine lady I'd totally beg you for a clapto..clapti- whatever; a thingy like that.

micah said...

Nice work. That's so nice, I'd keep it; no way I'd give it to someone else. Looking foxy as ever! You missed MSW! you totally could have ridden with the guys from Ohio!

Karida said...

Clap along with Karen! But seriously, the clap is gorgeous. I know I'm supposed to hate it and be way too cool to want to knit it again, but damnit, I never get tired of that pattern!