Saturday, May 12, 2007


Today there is a big Washington Post expose on worker compensation for American nuclear weapons workers who have cancer. Whaaaaa? OK, it's not an expose for those of us who have been working on the issue, but it is to a lot of other people. I have to say I am a little irritated, because if your experience with this issue was limited to just reading that article, you would have nary an inkling that grassroots have been working on this for years at every site and nationally. But I think there is an old saying about a gift horse and a mouth, or a baby and some bathwater, or something like that that probably applies. The important part is, people are being treated abominably and the Post is bringing national attention to it. We even got a little OH..........IO! shout out.

Did I ever tell you that when I was a kid, I thought "abominable" meant alive or animate, because of the Abominable Snowman? The outstanding feature to me of the Abominable Snowman was that he was an ALIVE snowman, not that he was a meanie. So, for example, if someone were to say "How is your Grandma's pneumonia?" I would respond, "She is very sick, but at least she is still abominable."

....24 hours from now, I will be in the old faithful Corolla, probably somewhere in West Virginia, begging Matt to stop for Pizza Hut and playing with my little magical music player, gearing the hell up to sit in the grass drunk with my dog, with Barb and Steve and Topher, and with your sweet self. We are going to have so much fun! For one thing there is a new pony, which I know is sad because of Silas colicking so bad and dying so young. But they had to get a new pony to keep Milton Burro company. Look at that face...that little guy needs a buddy.

So we can meet the new pony, Shelby. And also we can drink wine and eat food and git bit by mosquitoes and have jam sessions. Practice "Raised on Robbery" on your drive down, I want to try it out. Hooray!




Karen said...

Pneumonia or not, I think it's still fair to describe your grandmother as abominable at times.

micah said...

Thanks for the phone call! I'm so glad I had a night-cap or I would have woken up and answered the phone and been super grumpy!

Is there no parental supervision out there?

Karida said...

yeah thanks for the musical serenade. i think it's funny that when i saw i had missed a call from you at 2am i immediately assumed drunk-dial. it didnt' even occur to me that you would be having an emergency...