Sunday, May 27, 2007

Not your mama's knitting blog post

Hey One-Job Bruce,

I couldn't agree with you more on the whole "not your mama's" movement. That phrase is to knitting what PETA is to progressive activism.

I also think people should STOP writing knitting books all about lingerie. I can't think of anything I want to do less than buy a shitload of mohair and then re-size the pattern so that it fits over my ass. If I'm going to spend all that time knitting a garment, it had better be something that someone other than myself will see. And while I appreciate the novelty of being able to knit underwear on the same level that I appreciate the novelty of knitted ipod covers and dog sweaters, I just don't think there's very many knitters out there who want to knit their own sexy underwear. Not enough, anyway, to warrent the 5 or so books that have come out already.

Two toned shrug! Finito!

...Clearly, I didn't have as much luck with the "backwards" pictrues as last time. This is due in no small part to my god-awful hair.

Also, by "finito," I mean "I still need to seam and weave in ends." Let's face it, I'll probably do some sort of safety pinning action and wear it anyway.
I get the keys to my new place on Friday! I'm excited for the new place, but I'm of course not excited about the actual move. Does anyone want to come to my house and pack and move for me? For a case of PBR? How did I end up with all of this CRAP? I have a whole box of just cookbooks and sheet music. I haven't cooked from a recipe that didn't involve "boil water add contents of spice pack" in perhaps as long as it's been since I attempted the Mendelssohn violin concerto. Maybe this is the universe telling me I should learn to cook and practice more often. And I guess the universe has a point...just after next week, okay?


Libby said...

Le shrug looks fantastico!

Matthew said...

You look really cute in those pictures. Except for the one from the back. Bit of a psuedo-mullet, but it happens to us all sometimes.

micah said...

Max, that's AWESOME! I'd wear t but it'd look funny on me. Wait till I get my speedo! Then I'll be all set! I'll look super funny!

Karida said...

it's delightful! and totally boob-appropriate! though they are rather framed by the shrug. perhaps i will consider a significantly larger one...