Wednesday, May 30, 2007

oh look out

I'm watching this celebrity impersonator show right now. The Britney Spears girl CANNOT sing. I mean can't carry a tune. The Celine Dion lady is ALMOST as bad as the real Celine Dion. And, they didn't like the Cher impersonator, but she was awesome! They were like, "just because you are impersonating a singer doesn't mean you can sing." Apparently they don't know that the real Cher can't sing.

This is too bad, this is a shame. Because I am going to end up liking this show. Oh no.

Anyway, Alena came to visit me this week. This is what we looked like circa 2 AM on Tuesday mornin'...

Crazy Fun Times! Wish you were here! I look pretty happy and energetic there, but that is not what I looked like 5 hours later when my alarm went off. Oh, it was bad.

I know what you mean about things working out sometimes. I was so worried about this summer being the freaking worst. But now I have this new jorb which seems like it's going to be a great fit for me, and my buddies are keeping my pretty busy and the weather is toasty and the cats are fuzzy. And here I am, eatin' grapes in my underwear and watching reality TV. What more can a girl want?


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Karen said...

My reality TV viewing has taken a disturbing turn lately....I've started watching the Discovery Health channel, where they have shows about people with 100 pound tumors on their spines or people who weigh 800 pounds who get bariatric surgery. I think I have a problem. Although, it does put all my weight issues into perspective.