Friday, May 25, 2007

turn and face the rain d-d-douchebag


Ohio was so fun! It was so great to see you. Thanks so much for driving down to see us. I feel so much better. (You might recall that I was totally exhausted and burnt out before the ol' vacation.) My favorite parts of the vacation:

1) Seeing everyone, both the Country Mice and the City Mice. Country Mouse: Tammy is the best for hatching a brilliant cook-out plan so that we could see all the Country Mice at once. City Mouse: KT is the best for having every jerk in town over to her house all weekend to carry on and drink and act bad. (Admittedly, the line between Country Mouse and City Mouse in Ohio is at best blurry.)

2) Meeting the pony. I am sorry that you didn't get to meet her too, because she is beautiful. Apparently she is only living there temporarily to keep Milton company. Soon they are going to get 1 or 2 miniature donkeys to be Milton's friends, and then Shelby will go home to the Watson's farm. It's great to have the kind of farm where they buy extra livestock so the animals aren't lonely.

3) Richard's by-god Pizza. Oh man, veggie hoagie, cheese pizza, I wish I had you here right now.

4) Being in the country. Woods! Trees! Wildlife! Flowers! I took some quality walks, I can tell you.

5) When I dropped the light on Matt's head.

...AND, of course, while I was there I got an unexpected call about a job, which turned into 2 unexpected phone interviews, which turned into an offer. And now I have a new job! I said my goodbyes to the ANA folks, who I will miss. And I put in my notice at the LYS today, and of course they were the nicest about it and said I can still be a teacher and they are happy for me.

Just call me One-Job-Bruce!

So some of my anxiety about the Husband's 2 month absence is gone. I was really worried that I would have a long job search, and sit alone in my house all day watching Days of Our Lives and trolling in mounting despair. And then end up waiting tables. So yeah, having an exciting new job to keep my busy is good. Also I am having lots of visitors.

I've been knitting on tubey like a madwoman. I am going to have sweaters this winter, dammit!

OK, it is totally lunchtime.


Karen said...

Oh my god, the light! How could I forget?
You're welcome for putting up the pictures. I couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic or not in the comment, so you're welcome if you weren't and shut your face if you were.

micah said...

Barce, you're quitting the LYS? WTF? Who am I going to bother on Saturdays?
Max, HI!!!!