Saturday, May 26, 2007

Phrases that must leave the crafty vocabulary

I guess this would be an opinion piece.

Here are the dudes who need to leave and never come back:

1. Knitwit

2. Knit Happens

3. Not Your Mama's...whatever. Not your mama's woolwash, not your mama's cross stitch, not your mama's lace knitting, not your mama's quilting, not your mama's tea cozy. Anything with the phrase "Not your mama's/mother's/grandmother's" needs to stop.

4. Friends don't let friends knit drunk (that phrase is a slap in the face to the writers and readers of this blog)

Furthermore, I am sad to say that although the skull and crossbones with the knitting needles under it is really cute, the whole skull and crossbones/pirate thing is now totally out of control. It has been completely hijacked and is no longer an emblem of counterculture. So I really think we should stop using it for a couple of years. Eventually Ralph Lauren and Target will hijack something else, like, um....I don't know. Tight plaid pants with band patches for butt-flaps? That would be OK, they can have that one. And then maybe we can have the skull and crossbones back.

I'm just sayin'.


micah said...

Barce, I agree. Although I used to love knitting me some skulls, I'm not sure I love it anymore. Maybe I'm becomming a grumpy old man. Now I jsut want to make some nice crap that doesn't have holes in it.

Karen said...

Thank you for having the bravery to say what we all have been thinking.
May we all live another 60 years, and make some nice crap that doesn't have holes in it.

Matthew said...

I'm pretty upset about the hijacking of the skull and crossbones. avril lavigne is now using a heart and crossbones. how very creative.