Monday, May 28, 2007

Beware: Introspective


Oscar escaped today!! What the hell Oscar, am I not feeding you enough? I have probably let the boys out onto the porch about a million times. I always put up a little barrier so that they can't leave the porch and go down the fire escape. Well, apparently, Oscar found a way. I was in my living room packing almost the whole time they were out there, until I went into the bedroom for five minutes, and came back out to Freddie freaking out on the porch!

I panicked. I panicked the way that normal people panic about a lost child at the county fair. I ran around the house looking for him, and then I ran up and down the fire escape, checking other people's porches and the ground behind the building, but I didn't see him anywhere! So, I decided to do the ol' lost cat standby, and shake a bag of treats on my porch. And who should come sauntering up but good old Oscar. Treats? Awesome.

So...yeah. If he's not slamming his own foot in the window and costing me $200 at the e-vets, he's running away off the porch. Bastard cat! Also, it's a good thing I'm moving soon. My neighbors all think I'm a crazed pajama-wearing cat lady who prowls their porches shaking a bag of cat treats.

Other than chasing after cats, I've been packing for the move. I think packing actually isn't that bad. You get to have a glass of wine, turn on some number one summer jams, and reflect on everything you're wrapping up. I like looking at the pictures the best. Today, I keep thinking about last year on Memorial Day. I drove out to D.C. with Tyler to visit you and Matt, and my car overheated on the way. I also remember being at the breaking point with my job in Columbus. I started pricing apartments out in D.C., and was planning to just up and move with no prospects, just because I hated my life so much. And then a week later, I got offered this really great job which I have now. It was pretty serendipitous.

I sometimes think about what would have happened if I hadn't been offered this job. For example, what would it be like if I had moved out there like I was planning to? I would probably have a much better social life than I do now. However, I would also probably be working 2 jobs in a really expensive city instead of working 1 job in a moderately-priced city. Sometimes I get really frustrated with Toledo. I hate this city, I don't really fit in with anyone I've met, there are a billion hot dog restaurants, and I feel like by moving up here, I chose my career over being close to the people I care about. But then again, I really do love my job. And I'm starting to get good at it. I feel like, after I do this for awhile, I could open and run any business I want. it's a far cry from what I thought I'd be doing in high school, but I think I'm oddly suited for it. I know I don't plan on living here forever, but I think it was the right choice. Things happen for a reason.

Happy Memorial Day!



Karida said...

take your situation and add rain, dark, and arriving home to find the cat has clawed/chewed through the screen and i've been there. complete with the running around outside like some crazy cat lady who thinks of the cats as children.

Libby said...

Awww, poor Froscar. He is such a little fatty. You are right about things and the long run this is way better for you than just up and moving to DC with no prospects. Although I wish you were here.