Monday, June 4, 2007

Moving, Part 1

I have no idea why this is being underlined right now! No idea. But no matter, because I got the keys to the new place on Friday! After moving some boxes of books inside, I decided to christen the apartment with a beer, seen here in the kitchen.

Also seen here, in the downstairs half bath (why 2 sinks? I don't understand.)

Man, what was with that underlining shit back there? Anyway, here's my beer doing a little laundry:
Here's the beer hanging out on the upper deck. For real, I have 2 different decks, one off the kitchen and one off the guest bedroom. Everyone, come visit me and hang out on the upper deck!

Finally, here is the ol' champagne of beers doing the requisite "looking down the spiral staircase" shot.

...So there are your "teaser" shots of my new apartment! It's in a way cooler neighborhood that is full of these old, beautiful Victorian houses. My building was built around 1920, but it was renovated a few years ago, so I have all the nice stuff like central air, up to date wiring, and no asbestos. It seems really luxurious with the spiral staircase, but I did the math, and it's only $28 more per month than what I was paying for my tiny little apartment on the west side.
So, yeah. Moving Part 2 is soon to follow, with more detailed photos of the cats checking the place out, actual furniture in the apartment, and riveting tales of water damage.
-Braximus Maximus


micah said...

oh man, a big kitchen, two sinks so you can brush while someone else brushes ;) AND a washer AND a fun view?'ve got it all Max. An beer too! when can Seamus and I come visit?
OMG wait till you hear what Sea ate!!!!

itgirl said...

the upper deck makes it sound like you live on the love boat.

Karen said...

When the upper deck's a-rockin...