Friday, June 8, 2007

Everything you never wanted to know about me and cotton


Not a lot of knitting content lately! I am going to do a Project Inventory this weekend and share it with you, complete with photos. I am pretty sure there are some moldy old projects that I don't even remember starting lurking around the couch area. So I need to really get that under control. Until then, though, because I don't want the freaking mayo to be the first thing people see when they click to us, here is what you and I looked like as we rang in 2007:

That right there is a moment! I think we are performing a little Cher in this photo. I am rocking out with the big mouth of doom--someone stick a sandwich in there! OR maybe I am about to eat you and you are about to punch me. The gentleman in the background looks sad to see 2006 go. OR maybe he is sad because he couldn't get in the bathroom because li'l Topher doesn't know how to drink responsibly yet. Memories!! It is nice to know that where ever life takes us, we will always ring in the new year with the same group of drunk jerks, just like we've been doing since we were 18. Sure, there has been an addition here and a subtraction there, but the core group of people is pretty much unstoppable.

So we recently discussed cotton. I thought I would take this conversation public, and clarify my position.

I am not an anti-cotton hardliner. I think cotton can be really nice for baby stuff and warshrags. And there are some special cotton yarns out there that are great for general knitting. But 99% of the time I would just rather use wool or one of its affiliates. Cotton is heavy. All that weight can pull your knitting out of shape. It doesn't spring, it just hangs. Depending on the brand, cotton pills. Because cotton has no elasticity, nice even stitches require special attention. But the main thing is that I very, very rarely look at a cotton yarn and get excited. Wool just pushes my buttons in a way cotton never can!! Wool! I love you wool. Cotton, you are cool, but we are just never going to have the kind of close, passionate relationship that wool and I enjoy.

I am, however, an anti-linen hardliner. You could not pay me to knit with linen. Urrrgh, I am shuddering just imagining it.

Anyway, so that's the story on me and cotton. Get ready for Project Inventory 2007, coming soon.



Karen said...

Hmmmm....I guess I'm regretting ringing in the New Year wearing that polyester Cleveland Browns colored dress y'all talked me into buying.

Matthew said...

GO BROWNS!!! And go Karen for rockin' the proud colors of both the Browns and the Fighting Falcons of Bowling Green State University. A proud school with a proud brown-and-orange tradition.

Libby said...
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micah said...

sometimes I wonder "Perhaps my sweating on this bus is producing tremendous body odor that others fing offensive?" then I see that mayo shot and start to feel a little sick in my tummy and I forget all about that.

Max, that's one hell of a dress!