Tuesday, June 12, 2007

9 days till Comfest...

Spruce Moose,

I'm working really late, so I decided to take a Blogging Break.

I'm pretty sure I'm building myself up for Comfest only to have it fall short of my wild expectations. Lately, I've been reeeeeally tired and stressed out and driving all over Ohio and moving and stuff. I am worried I'll show up at Comfest on Friday afternoon all jittery from no sleep and lots of coffee, and walk around with giant bags under my eyes and proceed to get insane drunk and try and make out with the world by 5pm and pass out on the blanket before it gets dark.

Soooo what I've been trying to avoid in my life lately.

I wanted to take this opportunity to post so that I could:
  1. Fill you in on the past weekend with Karida, and
  2. Post something so the first thing people see is neither mayo nor a picture of me with a bunch of chin fat.

Unfortunately (fortunately?), no pictures were taken of the Knitter's Connection or the evening afterwards. But it was super fun! I arrived predictably late, because I had to fill up my almost-flat tire on Saturday morning, but Karida took it in stride. We had a fun day sitting in her booth with her pretty pretty yarn and talking to people. Karida is my new favorite person because she gave me a hank of silk lace-weight yarn, and I'm totally going to make that mohair wrap from fitted knits out of it. I will be sure to post some pictures. Hi, everyone! We still knit!

After the Connection, I went out to Buca di Beppo with Karida and Erika and a whole slew of knitting people. There was a giant jug of house chianti already on the table, and one of the knitting people poured me a glass immediately after I sat down. (dun-dun-dunnnnnnnn) Karida also tried to set me up with a friend of Erika's. He is probably a pretty good guy, but as the night wore on, I got too drunk to pretend he wasn't annoying me, and vice versa. Oh well! It was awesome to see Karida and Erika and meet all the knitters from central Ohio.

I also got my hair cut this weekend. I was going to get it dyed, too, but I remembered my appointment time wrong and Emily called me 20 minutes after I was supposed to show up asking me where the hell I was. Whoops! Am I ever going to get my shit together? But Emily managed to squeeze me in, and I look way better. I would post some pictures, but all the pictures I keep taking of myself look really horrible under the flourescent lights of my office. I think it's the gigantic bags under my eyes.

See you soon!!



micah said...

Max, it's going to be OK. I know, I'll send you some MAYO!

Libby said...

If you don't stop complaining about bad pictures of yourself, I will find an ACTUAL bad picture of you and put it all over the internet.

Matthew said...

Wait a minute, you're worried about starting the day jittery from too much coffee, then getting insanely drunk, then making out with the world, then passing out on a blanket? Isn't that the whole point of Comfest? I don't understand what this world is coming to.

Matt said...

That is what comfest is for, and why I'll be there all weekend!