Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Utter Nonsense.

Hey Brax,
It is totally hot here! You know I am not one of these people who is addicted to my A/C, but I sure cranked it up last night. Worked all day, and now I'm chillin' on the couch, watchin' a little Dateline. Il Monstro de Italia! What a creepy serial killer. I shouldn't be watching this. I'll probably be up all night worrying about an Italian serial killer from 20 years ago. They never caught him! He could be anywhere.

What was that noise?

Anyway, here are some things:

1. Have you seen this ? A 360 degree tour! Pretty great, huh? It's not exactly how I pictured it--I pictured it as bigger and more basementy...maybe with stone walls. The dumbwaiter is a nice touch.

2. Thanks for the lovely birthday post. At work they had a cake for me, and then I met Karida, Micah, Ellie, and Jess for birthday dinner. Mmmmmm. So a good birthday.

3. I feel totally guilty for having no knitting progress for you. I've been adding about an inch to Tubey each week. So she looks approximately the same as last time, just a little longer. I'm just not much of a project-finisher. My 825 other projects have not been touched in weeks. Ugh. I hate not having enough time to knit. I hope things settle down a little soon.

4. Do you love or hate that yogurt commercial? The one that goes "You're my leetle fluffy one!" I have to admit, I sort of love it. You're my leeetle fluufffy one!!! doo doo doo. I'll probably start singing it to the cats now.

5. Let's make a million of these:

Can't wait to see your face on Friday night!!!


micah said...

you girls are sick. You should make a few of those and "Gaily tassle" them to folks this weekend in Ohio.

What about the "Berries and Cream" comercial? That guy freaks me out.

Libby said...

The "Berries and Cream" commercial destroys me! I can't decide if I love it or hate it.

Karen said...

OH my god, the berries and cream commercial. Katie loves it, of course.
I could just imagine us...Zing! You've been gaily tassled!

Matthew said...

Fits any size nose.

Karen said...

...that noise? I think someone just fucked your boyfriend.