Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Another day older and-a deeper in debt

Shut doors, open windows! There is a little bit of post-Comfest letdown going on here, especially considering the way my week is going. NOT an awesome week. Of course, you know me! My faith was shaken for a good 16 hours, but now I believe in everything again. Better things! Screw it, let's talk about Comfest!

For the benefit of our readers who were NOT so fortunate as to be there, here is what happened at Comfest:

Friday evening:
-My plane lands.
-Arrive at Comfest, meet up with Brax, get beer. Get cold noodle salad. Lay in grass. Hug thousands of people.
-Destroy O'Riley's Pub. Jessica falls over, Prince's number one hit "7" is played multiple times, bottle breaks in my shoe.
-Tina Turner, ravines, hippies, lawbreaking, Taco Bell.

- Arrive at Comfest. Get veggie burger with cheese and coke. Consume while watching Gay Pride parade.
-Get beer and Indian Food, consume on blanket.
- Shop for dress. Find gorgeous dress. Enter "changing room," consisting of two sheets hanging from a hula hoop, secured by clothespins. Try on medium. Medium will not fit over my ass. Struggle out. Try on large. Large has gaping caverns of fabric where my tits would be if they matched my ass. Think maybe medium will go over my ass if I step into it instead of pulling it over my head. Am horribly, horribly wrong. Struggle out. Give up on dresses.
-Lay on blanket, consume french fries, funnel cake, and two individual pizzas.
-Dance to Lab Rats.
-Go home, watch Airborne. Watch Brax make out with pizza.

-Arrive at Comfest, get beer. Lay in fluctuating blanket community--sometimes one blanket, sometimes many many blankets.
-Magical husband brings snacks. Lay on blanket.
-Topher does fish boat dance. Lay on blanket.
-Get veggie supreme nachos and veggie burrito. Lay on blanket. Get ice cream.
-Lay on blanket.
-Say sad goodbye to Comfest.
-Have gorgeous evening with kids.

What a weekend! I think I got to see everyone that I wanted to see. I think I even got to actually talk to everyone I wanted to see. Sober! Sober enough.

So good to see you! Only 359 days til next Comfest!


p.s. Elvis was totally hot when he was young. Damn.


Karen said...

Can we NOT discuss my private life i.e. my relationship with pizza on this blog?
p.s. airborne is my favorite movie.

Libby said...

Um, how 'bout you started a blog, so you have no privacy!!! so I can tell the world about your inappropriate relationship with pizza! SHE LOVES IT!!!