Tuesday, June 5, 2007

president of jerktown

Hey Braxie,
wow, am I in the doghouse. I feel terrible. My parents were going to come to DC this weekend. They got their businesses covered and had a dog sitter, and were ready to head out on Thursday...that is, day after tomorrow. And I just called them at 8:30 PM on Tuesday to tell them not to come.

I suck.

I'm the worst. I have to work all day Friday. I was going to try and weasel out of work on Saturday. But then I remembered about Sunday--I realized that I do, in fact, not get a day off at all this week. And yes, I absolutely should have thought of this before. I could have told them last week if I had only been smart enough to put 2 and 2 together. WHY am I never on top of anything? They asked when to visit and I told TOLD them to come this weekend. Jeeze. Go ahead and ask me what they did with their poop in Victorian England. Ask me about the history of Fair Isle knitting, or if Harry is a horcrux, or about the upcoming presidential election.

But do not ask me what is on my calendar for next week. I have no idea.

When I realized that Sunday June 10th meant this Sunday and not just some vague Sunday sometime in the future, I just had to tell them not to come. There is no point in them driving 8 hours to see me if I can't hang out with them.

This is the really hard thing about living so far from home. It it a big deal when I get to see my family, and so everything has to fall away before that. But I have to draw a line so that I can have a career. Sucktown. I really hope that my parents can come another weekend, a weekend when I can really spend time with them. In the meantime I feel like Joan Crawford's daughter must have felt after she wrote Mommie Dearest.

I am the busiest girl right now. There is crap going on every single day from now til August. I am still working out my 2 weeks notice at the LYS, and the new job is long hours. I like the job and I don't mind long hours, it is just super hectic when I am working 2 jobs and trying to have something of a life. You gotta have days off! Those people who work 70 hours a week and act all holy about it can eat my balls. Days off rule. Days off are necessary for well being. Days off are for people who have their priorities in order.

Congratulations on the new apartment! I can't wait to see it.


p.s. Here's to Seamus and her stomach of steel.


micah said...

you know, my parents are mad at me bcause I refuse to visit or pick a weekend to visit me. I feel your pain exactly. You know, on my things-to-do-list yesterday (an actual pad of paper on my desk) was "go on-line and order new day timer." I didn't do it. I couldn't tell you my birthday riht now I'm so fried. I'm going to get on that today.

Seamus "passed" her exam last night. It was right there. I was so happy that I threw up in my mouth a little bit!!!! Now that she's lived through this. I feel much better about it and find it really funny!

Karen said...

I'm sorry, moose. I definetely understand what it's like to be far away from your family. But you'll work it out. I bet things will improve immensely once you're done at the yarn store. And your parents will understand.

itgirl said...

don't mock those of us who have to work 70 hour weeks. I don't feel holy about it. I just feel compelled to do it.