Sunday, June 17, 2007

Virginia is for Traffic and Trampolines


Busy busy!! The ol' husband is visiting. Hooray! I hadn't seen him in 2 weeks and maybe this makes me a big cornball, but when he finally showed up I started to cry. I was having a bad day and ovulating, too, so maybe that contributed to the unusually obvious emotion. I am not much of a crier.

Then the next day I cried some more, because we drove out to Norfolk, VA where two of our friends were getting married. The drive was supposed to take 3 hours. The wedding was at 6. We left DC at noon. WE MISSED THE CEREMONY. Now I know why all the Virginia political advertisements are always talking about what the candidates plan to do about traffic. God Damn! I know we lost 20 minutes with gassing up and Taco Bell, but come on, 6 hours? I am really sorry I missed the ceremony, but that's not why I cried. I cried because the reception was so beautiful. It was a gorgeous wedding and everyone was so happy. Plus, Norfolk is way cuter than you would think. The wedding and reception were in this museum on the waterfront, and the reception was outside with the trees and the water and the dancing on the ancient flagstones! AND there was an after party. With. A trampoline. Oh my God, I nearly ruined my fancy clothes, got a concussion, and barfed. I was just mad about the trampoline. Thankfully I was with some cool girls who were also mad about the trampoline. So a totally excellent way to spend a Saturday.

Um, Comfest! Friday! So excited, my plane gets in at 5:40, so I'll be drunk by 6.


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Karen said...

Okay, if I ever get married I am officially going to have a trampoline at the reception! In addition to the karaoke, roller skating, and whatever else I've decided a reception needs at one time or another.