Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Can I just say?

Mayonnaise is freaking repulsive.
I literally cannot believe that people eat mayonnaise.


Karen said...

Let the mayonnaise wars begin!

micah said...

You know, I'll bite on this one.

OK, first, yes it's nasty outside of the controlled environment that is my own kitchen. I put mine right back in the fridge after I'v spread a super light caoting on a turkey sandwich. Also, I buy he smalle jars because I live alone and this big ones would be in there for a year getting funier and funkier.

The other day I ordered up a giant turkey, ham, salami sandwich with "the works." We're talking a $8.00 sami here. So the lady hands it to me and I notice the funk-skin on the mayo bucket on the counter and I'm thinking, hmmm, it's done now! ...good thing I've got some immodioum tablets in my drawer for the BG's that are sure to follow this.

After I got over the mental blockage, it was scrumptious and the mayo added a special tangyness that can't be substituted.

Matthew said...

Mayo is the jam. The Belgians know it--they put it on their fries--and they have amazing taste. I mean, have you had their beer? If they can do that with just some yeast and hops, I will take their advice on any culinary matter. Hence, I will dip my fries in some g.d. mayo.

itgirl said...

i fucking hate mayo. I am so firmly in bruce's court on this one.