Saturday, April 28, 2007

Me need food now.


I got worries. Mostly, they are about money and my car, and the two worries are intertwined. I'm pretty sure my transmission is about to fall out of my car, kerplunk, somewhere on route 23 as I drive to Columbus, and it will probably be within the vast area where I don't get cell phone reception. I hate cars! I think they are maybe extra smart, and they save up all their junkiness for when you're moving or you overdraw your bank account or something. Evil car!!! I want to get a bike in shape and supplement my driving around town, but that certainly won't solve all my transportation problems, like driving to columbus every month for meetings.

Other than the car thing, I'm pretty good. I am finally over my sinus infection enough to feel like doing stuff. Stuff that doesn't involve going to bed at 9pm and watching the Sound of Music. I am very much looking forward to visiting home in May, as hectic as it will probably be. Moving is hard! Helping parents move right before you move is stupid hard! But don't worry, I'll save some "walking in the woods" time for you, Barb, and Blanche. I'm really happy for my folks. I'm pretty sure my dad was starting to go stir-crazy without a full-time job for almost 2 years. I bought him a bunch of homebrew equipment at Christmas, but I guess brewing your own beer is not the same as tending a flock.

The Clap is at the stage where I take goofy pictures of myself wearing it. That's a really stupid looking picture, I know...but I couldn't get any of the other pictures to load in a normal size. Technology! It eludes me still.

Also, I need a haircut. Bad.



Anonymous said...

Hawt knitty thingy, and I like your hair. My clap is at the point where I'm taking once daily pills and you can't see any rash, but it can't prevent transmission to my partners.

Karen said...

Anon., I believe you confused the "clap" with genital herpes in your comment. Don't mess with me, aka Texas.

micah said...

hmmm. Yeah, I thought "The Clap" made things burn?

itgirl said...
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itgirl said...

This clap is really cute though

Karen said...

Leave it to my blog to become a forum for STD conversations.