Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh hell yes.

It is over! The madness is over! And it went pretty well, honestly. There were a few moments in the days leading up to it that I wanted to sit down and cry. But then I thought, no, Bruce, what the hell good would crying do? Nope, if I were to sit down and cry, nothing would get done because no one is available to pick up my slack and say, aw, Libby, have some tea, I will take care of one of the thousands of things on your plate. So I didn't sit down and cry, I just kept T-C-B Takin Care of Business. And it all worked out. Also, Mason, my coworker from our Seattle office, stayed on our couch. He said he didn't mind vacationing in cat city USA and sleeping on a pile of yarn with a cat on his face. So we had a good time, beer was consumed.

Thanks to you nice people who were so nice to me in the lead up to this. You know who you are!

So yesterday was my first day off in weeks, and it was.....weird. I didn't know what to do! I kept thinking that I had to be somewhere or do something at a certain time. And I hadn't been alone in a long time either, because I was working so much, and Matt and Mason were both living at my house. So I had to adjust to not always having another human around. I sort of got into the swing of it after a while, though. I went to lunch at the Indian buffet and read some critical essays about Sense and Sensibility. (Yes, that's what I do for fun, eat it.) Then I went to the bank, and then I went shopping! Because I had to give in and buy pants. I bought three pairs of pants in my new size, and they are all super cute. And then I went to the shoe store, where this really charming gay (let's call him Rick) upsold me into oblivion.

Me: Do you have these black flats in size 10?
Rick: Let me check for you! Do you want to try a pair in another color, because you know if you buy two pairs today, you get the second pair 20% off! That is a really great deal, you can't beat that deal.
Me: Um, let's just try the black ones for now.
.......a minute passes. I enjoy relaxing, high-quality jazz piano.
Rick: Here you go, sweetheart! I just went ahead and got out the red in your size too, just try them on too!
.........I put on the shoes
Rick: There! Doesn't that just feel like you're wearing nothing?
.......I concede that it does, in fact, feel like no shoe at all. I think, how did he know? How did he KNOW that I secretly was thinking of getting the red shoe, that I was, at the very moment I approached the counter, resisting the temptation to get both the red shoe and the black shoe? He is a friendly, charming, supersalesman. I buy both pairs of shoes.

And that is how I ended up buying 3 pairs of pants, a tank top, and two pairs of shoes, all in one day, and from real stores, not from Target or H&M. And today, I feel super cute in my new pants with my red flats.

I can't wait to visit in a couple of weeks! Hooray!


Karen said...

Way to blog, smell. I, too love the charming gays that make you feel good about your body. I swear, if I felt good about my body in stores all the time, I would buy 500% more than I currently do.

Libby said...

me too! I always feel fat and dirty and ugly in stores, and shoe stores are the worst, because i have to tell people that I need shoes in gigantor peggy hill sizes and even though they WORK in the SHOE STORE they act like they've never heard of such a thing.

but not Rick!!