Sunday, April 8, 2007

I also hate the snow.


Happy Easter! It's a boring, snowy sort of Easter here too. I'm spending the weekend watching movie after movie and finishing the Argosy wrap for my grandmother. I'm at the beginning of the "decrease" section, and I hope to finish it today so I can send it off in the mail tomorrow. She has her surgery tomorrow morning.

This whole snow thing has been destroying my life. I mean, it's just flurries, but I can't help feeling like winter is taking his last chance to show us that we're still his bitch. It just puts me in the worst, most hermity kind of mood. Oh, well. I guess the best that we can do is clean our houses and dance around listening to Graceland. I'm cleaning my house, by the way, because my parents are "stopping by" this week. I only found out they were "stopping by" because I called them yesterday. Otherwise, they might have just shown up at my apartment to find me passed out in a pile of wine bottles and vibrators.

Ha! I just remembered the time when my parents dropped me off at our house after Thanksgiving break during college. They insisted on using the bathroom, so I opened the front door, and gazed upon an apartment littered with Cook's and PBR empties, our friend Bryn passed out on the couch, and (the cherry on the sundae) a Christmas tree decorated with champagne corks and red and green condoms.

I'm sorry that this summer is stressing you out. I understand it's totally weird. But living alone can be awesome! Just think of all the cool stuff you could do...

1. Not clean the whole summer
2. Sprawl out on the bed and read all morning on your days off, without Matt trying to wake you up at 10am just because he's been up jogging for four hours and he's bored.
3. Throw a million parties
4. Not change your sheets all summer (ok, that's gross I'll admit)
5. Get all the cats to be on your side
6. Redecorate in pinks
7. Watch romantic comedies all the time. Just this morning, I watched "Notting Hill" and "Sabrina."
8. You will totally visit Ohio at least twice, for Comfest and for Harry Potter.
9. I will totally visit you out there.
10. It's only for a very short time! I mean, how long is summer? Summer goes from Memorial Day to the 4th of July. After that, it's all back to school sales and work work work.

And if you're sad, you can always dance around your house to Graceland.

Call you later,


Karida said...

i love that argosy so hard! it looks hot.

micah said...

wow. I'm having horrible immages of your apartment Max!

Bruce, you should get a dog.

Karen said...

Micah, I'll have you know my apartment is lovely. LOVELY!