Saturday, April 7, 2007

Easter Snowfall


Things are hard! But I don't really want to talk about it. Knitting!

I finished Cherry Twist, but, as is to be expected when you fiddle and fuck with a pattern, it needs some adjustment. The increases for the hip shaping are a little...much. A little too much. A little...too high. And consequently a little baloony. I mean, if those increases rode a few inches lower, they would cradle my sweet ass like a stylish tunic-length sweater should. But they aint, they're up high and they are too much. I was sort of anticipating this problem, but I wanted to finish off and see what I came up with before I made adjustments. So I had to unravel about 6 inches of the ol girl. Here she is:
Also, I have settled on the 12 colors for my 1824 Wool afghan. Behold!

It's so pretty! I can't wait 'til it's a blanket and I can wrap all up in it. I would like to wrap up in it right now, because it is snowing. Snowing on the cherry blossoms. Snowing on the tourists. What a load of crap.

So I have all kinds of stupid nonsense going on weather-wise, professionally and personally. Here is what I'm mostly worried about: this summer. I'm worried about getting a job after my ANA gig expires, and living alone. I'm worried about telling my parents I'll be living alone this summer, because I've never done anything they really didn't want me to do before. (Yes, I remember high school. That doesn't count. Stick to the matter at hand.) I know that when I do bring it up, I will hear all of my own fear and insecurity about this situation in my mother's voice. All my nice nice friends here in DC are being very reassuring, but you know. Even if you put it in the very brightest light possible, it's a crappy situation. Well, you know... I guess it will be yet another painful formative experience of my 20's. Can't get enough of those, they're more fun every time.



Karen said...

I love the Mission Falls colors! You should do your afghan in granny squares, like Roseanne's.

itgirl said...

Hey, you and me, we can commiserate together.

itgirl said...

I spelled that wrong, didn't I?

Bucky said...

I will be just down the street and I know I will need lots of girl time too. You won't be alone, don't you worry.