Tuesday, April 17, 2007

it's hard out here for a Bruce

OK, I finally have a second. Organizing DC Days has been a little crazy this year. (You might have picked up on this.) I have more work to do and less time to do it in. But I am a professional! The kind of professional who comes in with a hangover a lot, but a professional none the less. I feel like it is finally coming together, and we are getting enough meetings set up and all the stuff is how I want it. This feeling that everything is on track terrifies me; I am sure I forgot something absolutely crucial. Whatever! It will all be over in one week!

This weekend was fun times, I went to a knit in with Karida and Micah and we met and hung with some really lovely people. It was a coming together of the knitters and crocheters! It was about the most fun you can have sober. (I wish I had gotten more of their blog names!)

Micah gave us a bed frame! Thanks, Micah! So we no longer have to sleep on a mattress on the floor like we live in the skanky frat house. Now we'll just see how long it takes us to, you know, put the bed on the bed frame.

We got some crazy news from home today. There was a small explosion in one of the greenhouses, and it burned down. What? A greenhouse can burn down? Why yes, Karen, apparently it can. It was an electrical fire and it ignited some compressed fertilizer or something. They lost all the big gigantic hanging baskets, which are, of course, really important for their income. Fortunately, they put the fire out before it spread to the other greenhouses or the propane tank (which would have ignited the barn and probably Dave's house too). They are insured, but my dad was in the middle of a debate with the insurance company over weather flowers in a greenhouse are a "crop," so we're not sure about crop insurance. I will post pictures when my mom e mails me some.

Hey! Congratulations on your new apartment, when are you moving? And on winning a raffle, and on your grandma's surgery going well. I hope she is recuperating, all wrapped up in her Argosy Wrap.


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Karen said...

OH man!! My mom specifically told me the other day that she was looking forward to seeing all the baskets in front of your parents place. She said that's how she knows it's spring. :(
I hope Steve is able to re plant or salvage some of them. It won't be spring and summer in Ross without them!!