Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Technology has failed me.

I know you are all too aware of my car stereo woes (ever since I replaced the battery it keeps asking for the "code," which I can't get from the Honda people without looking up the stereo's serial number, which is somewhere inside my dashboard). Well, NOW I don't have a cell phone. Because I left it in Columbus, Ohio. Okay, I guess it was I, not technology that failed me there.

Not only does that mean I'm unreachable except by email or myspace, it means I can't use the camera in my cell phone to take pictures of my newest knitting project, Mothers Day Gift 2.0! I'm making her a clapotis out of cotton, so it will be nice for summer. You know, if it ever gets warm. I was knitting it yesterday and a woman came up who was also a knitter. She asked me what I called the color, and I said "peach." Then, we got into a lengthy discussion about how people always call that color something weird, like coral or salmon or melon. It's peach, people!

Yesterday, I went to a lobbying event at the Ohio statehouse for Prevention First, which is a bill that deals with...well, mostly birth control. It's backed by NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Basically, it would ensure that pharmacies actually fill prescriptions for birth control, including Plan B (the morning-after pill). It would also mandate that all emergency rooms carry Plan B and that it's offered to every rape survivor. There were also words like "earmark funds" floating around. Anyway, NARAL in Ohio hosted the event, and I kept thinking about you, and that this is pretty much what you're doing, but on the national (read: more important and scary) level.

It was fun! My group had the easy person. I got to meet Theresa Fedor, the Ohio senate minority leader....and the senator from my district! She is awesome. She sponsored the bill last year when it failed miserably. But at least this year, the Republican majority is much smaller (5 seats, man). I was really nervous and I didn't say much in the meeting because my stomach kept making these horrible gurgling noises. I guess that means I'm not cut out for lobbying. In fact, you could say I don't have the "stomach" for it. Ha ha!!!

Yeah, I'm done now. Perhaps I'll have pictures this weekend. I'm going to Columbus again, for a meeting and several days of awesome hanging out. Or maybe I'll send you another "drunk text" from Columbus.

Later Gator,
K Brax


micah said...

Bruce, Sorry to hear about the explosion/fire event. That's nuts! you always hear about the compost heaps burning but never inside! Don't sweat the bed thing; that's upgrade karma.

Max, can we all come to the house-warming party? Where's the new place?

itgirl said...

How much do all y'all suck assageness that I tried to go to