Monday, April 23, 2007



Behold the mother's day clapotis.

How did your event go?? I don't even really have to ask, because I know you did great.

I think i left you a voicemail (on like the busiest weekend in the L. Bruce calendar), but in case you didn't get dad got a job!!! He's going to a church up in Michigan in a town called Alma. (at least it isn't Ann Arbor.) And the crazy part is, they want him to start on June 1st! My parents have to move at exactly the same time as me. Life is hard, man.

Part of my parents moving out of state means that my little brother will start listing my address as his permanent address so he can still pay in-state tuition at Miami. My mother seems to think this means that Daniel will actually be moving in with me, like have my second bedroom and stuff. i have no problem with him stopping by occasionally and sleeping in my guestroom-slash-home office, but have him over on the weekends and do his laundry? Cram his twin bed and dresser from my parent's house in there? I think not. I'm not ready to be a mom!!

In other news, I feel better after the antibiotics, but I still have a big headache and I'm exhausted all the time. I wish I hadn't felt bad this weekend when I was in Columbus. I did a lot of "sitting still" and "sleeping." And I still look like death, with a bright red nose and giant bags under my eyes. I will not post a picture, you can imagine it for yourself.

Gotta go, I think I need to take a bath while listening to joni mitchell and then go to bed.


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micah said...

Bruce, sorry none of us called to see how it went this weekend!!! I'm sure it went well.

Your payback for them dumping your brother off onto you will be the gift of the Clap. You know, he could pay you rent! ...I paid rent while I was in college. Of course, living with one of my brothers only lasted so long.