Thursday, August 28, 2008



Well, here I am, home sick while you and Josh work your butts off on the secret project. It sucks! Who gets sick in summer? Seems all wrong. I don't know how, but sometime last year I became a person who is extremely susceptible to stomach bugs. Little achey ones, big revolting ones, they all find a comfy home in my gut. I used to never get sick. Huh.

Anyway, I wish I was helping you with stuff today, but I am really in no condition. I'm going to try and get myself together to at least go meet up with Miss Tyler tonight, since she is visiting from Arizona and I'd hate to miss her. I'll probably have to miss out on all the usual Tyler insanity, though. I shouldn't drink or stay up late. Or have any fun. Or eat dairy. Joseph P. Bummer IV.

The other awesome thing is that I can't knit because we went kayaking on Sunday and it hadn't occurred to me that four hours of paddling would pretty much destroy my weak, sad little right wrist. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It's been 4 days, so it's getting better, but seriously. BOOOOOOO. So yeah, you heard right, I'm stuck in the house sick and I can't even knit. Total waste.

We had a nice KPH this week. It was my last activity before I was stricken. Here's a cute picture of you knitting on your squishy green awesomeness.

Other knitters included Mr and Ms Cabbage, lookin' like the cutest couple in towne. The couple that knits and drinks together stays together. (I am personally totally destroying her headless veneer. Haaaaaaah!)

Tome was practicing his K's and P's. He's getting a refresher course, since he hasn't knitted in a long time. He'll be off his practice swatch and onto a big project in no time.

His t shirt says "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." Brax and I agree that this is hysterical.

Of course, Matt and I were there too but we both look stupid in the pictures. I think I knitted a total of 15 stitches that night because of the wrist.

Labor day! I'm leaving Saturday morning to see what nature has been up to lately. We're heading to Red River Gorge for the long weekend. Hiking! No kayaking, though. I would really love to kayak, but, you know, the wrist.

You don't think about how much you count on your wrist until it tells you to take this job and shove it. Right at this moment I'm thinking about how I need to wrap up this blog post before I make it worse. Other things that are suddenly difficult include: carrying around my coffee cup, holding my book, text messaging, blow drying my hair, and chopping veggies. I'm not sure when it starts being a doctor thing. I am pretty sure the doctor would tell me to try not to use it very much, take ibuprofen, wear a brace at night, and ice it when it swells up, all of which I'm doing anyway, so why even bother?

longing for the days when I was young, healthy, and robust,

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Bryn said...

Hey ladies! It's Bryn. It's been for-eba! I stumbled upon this blog while Googling your asses. How have you been? Are you guys on Facebook? I've been trying to find your asses on there for like a year, 'cause that's how I keep up with people these days. If you are, add me. If you aren't, you should sign up and then add me, so I can prove to everyone I know now that I like, had friends prior to 2006.