Saturday, August 9, 2008

Visual stimulation


The Columbus Knit Purl Hurl will now come to order.

Cabbage got her sweater mojo back.

The Science Pirate is making a beautiful fuzzy sweater!

You couldn't make it that day. You'd better clear your calendar for next time!

Pabst was there. Pabst always makes time for KPH.

Back home: I caught Lucky Lucy getting crazy with some wool.

Look at those back feet! You can tell she's about to do that back leg kick thing they do when they're really going to town.

Happy Saturday! I'm working a 12 hour day, but I'm happy for those of you who have the day off. Enjoy yourselves.



Karida said...

Dude, I miss KPH. I miss knitting in bars. I actually miss Columbus. Hurry up and have a yarn shop so I can come out again.


Mason said...

That beer in the first picture looks HUGE.