Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Towne


So I was lying in bed this morning, finishing up "Jamaica Inn," when I heard a knock on the door. A knock on the door? At 8:30 AM? The following thoughts ran through my mind:
  1. OMG, it's the Vicar!
  2. Who knocks on doors at 8:30 AM? Some sort of early-morning serial killer?
  3. You know, I used to get to work by this time. What have I become?
  4. Oh no, what if it's my downstairs neighbor and there is somehow water leaking into her apartment again?
  5. Oh god, what if it's my landlord, here to deliver another stern lecture on the importance of keeping the shower curtain ALL THE WAY OVER by the wall....What if he's here to evict me for the leaking water??

By this time, I had pulled on my bathrobe. I answered the door in my crazyhair, and it turns out it was the Fed Ex guy with a BOX! And guess what was in the box..............

My new laptop! Hooray, I have rejoined the land of the living! I can stop living like a vagrant, switching between borrowed laptops to get any work done. (Yes, I have since changed the background from the creepy bamboo) The early arrival caught me off guard. I got an email saying it had shipped yesterday, but according to the tracking number, it was still in China last night before I went to bed. Thanks, tracking number!

In other new-technology news, I also got a new camera. The new camera has more mega pixel whatsits, so it takes better pictures In Theory, but I think I'll have to work on the ol' picture taking skills. It also has a rechargeable battery! Ooooooh, high tech!

I've been working on a new scarf for ME for fall!!! Here it is:

(see what I mean about my picture taking skills?)
It's the Here and There Cables scarf by Norah Gaughan, out of "Scarf Style." This pattern is awesome! It's reversible cables, and it's so freaking fun to knit. It also calls for 800 yards of yarn! It's a squishy, beefy, big ol' scarf. I'm knitting it out of Malabrigo worsted.
That's pretty much all I got. I'd better go get some more work done on this scarf, and then maybe eat an apple or something. Fall! Get ready, everyone.

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